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This morning, I went down to the parking garage at my apartment complex. The goal? To put some shopping bags in my car.

On my way back up to my unit, a dog flew out of nowhere and knocked me off my feet and landed me on the concrete walkway. My shoulder is buggered and I have grazes all along my arm. I never did a thing wrong: I was watching my step and walking carefully and bang! Arse over tit and lying like a cast whale on the pathway moaning and wondering what the hell just happened. 

Sounds like life today, doesn't it? One minute, you are cruising through life and having a good time and then bang. Out for the count. As I lay there, trying to figure out what the hell just happened, I realised that this is how the world feels right now. Knocked over by a lying dog faced pony soldier who shot out of nowhere and took our feet from under us. 

I rang a friend, who told me to have a shower and put some betadine on the wounds. Which, of course, I did. She asked me if the dog was alright.  Well, I have no bloody idea. I was too busy lying on the pathway suffering from shock and hoping that someone would come to lift me up and nurture me to worry about the hound that hit me and how it was going to feel when it popped back home and told its family about the brutal facist that nearly killed him when he was out for his morning romp.


No doubt, by now, someone on Facebook will have posted about the Trump-supporting right-wing Nazi who deliberately stood in front of her dog and caused him to race home in a state of terror and trauma. 

You see, the problem is that the media and social media only print one side to a story these days. The one that they want you to read.

And, if someone knew who I was, they would probably demand most vocally that I apologise to the dog for being on the footpath and how dare I have blocked the path of that poor dog who sought only to express his right to run free?

Well, I am not apologising. In fact I am pretty angry right now. I can only type with one hand because my left is buggered. 

Which leads me to my conclusion: the Left is buggered from my point of view. . Thank God my Right is still OK 

But I must question why it is that the hounds of hell are running free and I lay helpless and no one came to my rescue?

Probably because we are too worried about the bloody dog.

ted goff dog plays with computer knocks over the macintosh trash container cartoon

" It wasn't me. Sorry. I hope you feel better. signed Rover. " 







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