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I was in the building where and when the woman was shot. I want to give some background of what led up to the event and some additional detail immediately after the shooting that I was only one of only a handful to witnesses and don't know if anyone else connected the dots.

First off, when I arrived to the south end of the building, there was no security outside the door, nor inside the door that I could see. I checked the door along with everyone else who walked up to see that it was locked. The window was broken however from a room near the door. Side note people advised me that the window among others all around the capital had all been broken before any trump supporters had arrived. This is odd, but plays into the detail later.

I am talking with others a few feet away from the door, then somebody says, "Hey, its open." We all go in since there it is an open door with no security in sight. We enter a hallway to the left at the end of which is an elevator. At the end of the hallway, we turn right into another hallway that ends with a glass door. People then break the glass with a chair. The door is challenging, but the panel next to the door breaks easier.

This is when and where the girl gets shot. After the glass has broken, a set of stairs that lead up into the hall where the girl was has about 4 armed police/security arrive. They walk up fully armed, but then retract back down the stairs. This feels as if they are conceding the door due to the immense pressure because of how many people we have. This assumption was wrong. Right after they went back down the stairs, the girl climbs up to enter the part of the glass panel that had been fully broken, presumably to go in and open the door for everyone else. The moment she climbs up a police officer/security in the hall raises his pistol from a kneeled position and fires one round hitting her in the neck. She falls and there is soon a large amount of blood.

The next part is the part that basically nobody knows about. A man walks out of the area where she was shot and announces calmly and clearly to everyone whom is still in the first hall that a girl had been shot, a girl had been killed. Then this man proceeds to back into an elevator and decisively press his button to leave. This person is an agitator, that made an announcement to further agitate an already agitated crowd and then dipped out like he owned the place. Only two people would ever be getting on that elevator by themselves, someone who is looking to get arrested or someone who has some sort of connection or credentials to the inside. This was not a BLM or Antifa agitator, this was part of the government. Additionally, these are very secure doors, unlocked by a camera security guard. Outside, nobody was smashing or pushing the door we were just talking peacefully amongst each other. That door just unlocked or was unlocked for someone specifically (maybe the same person I witnessed, I don't know). Regardless, somebody intentionally let us in. A girl was shot who had no weapon, an announcement was made to create more chaos and then he simply just left.

i don't know who needs to know this who is in a position of power to do anything about it, so please share it with who needs to hear it. This is not a LARP, I watched a woman die.

Please also link the videos you have, so I can try to potentially identify the man I saw. There are several videos I watched immediately after including one that I don't think has been uploaded yet. One video in particular you can see the shooter take the actual shot. This video in particular needs to be shared if you have a copy of it, please please upload it.


Sorry for not proofreading if it reads like I'm retarded, I did not proofread.


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