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I had someone contact me by email about a comment on my latest article saying that the video link on the article was offensive. I asked if the person had watched the video. " No! "  was the answer.

I suggested that perhaps it would be appropriate to actually watch the clip before deeming it offensive. Apparently, that was not open to negotiation. 

With all the hoo hah and bullshit these days about offensive material, I, like a coward, deleted the " offending material. "

All it takes is one offended person to cause a stink and it becomes easier to just kow tow, get on my knees and say " you won. "

I only wrote a comment a few days ago about the danger of online censorship and how the power of a vocal minority can overwhelm common sense yet leave the blog owner open to being accused of posting offensive content.

Sometimes I wonder where we are heading when we cannot even have a comment on a blog that links to an external video clip that causes one person " offence. " 

Even youtube has not deleted the clip but this ONE PERSON decided that this 4 minute video was offensive WITHOUT EVEN WATCHING IT!

This, my friends, is the world we live in today. A world where a solitary voice of indignation, outrage and disgust is sufficient to cause me to delete a comment because it " offended " someone who did not even watch it.

No doubt you are wondering what the fuss was about. 

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What was this dreadful, offensive and horrific 4 minute video that so upset and distressed a person reading my blog?

I dare not post it here. But I will give a direct link to the " offensive material " and let you make up your mind. Oh bugger it. Here it is. 

Is it not strange that we are surrounded by people who are offended without actually knowing what they were actually offended by... 

I refer you back to the original article that the comment was posted in.

The video that was so offensive has had nearly 15 million views. Forgive the ad - beyond my control. 


Tell me: was this offensive?




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