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I saw an image today that horrified me. A little infant, in a nappie ( or diapers depending upon your country of origion. ) Barely a year old . Holding a mobile phone. It staggered me.

The thought that parents are so preoccupied with social media and telecommunications staggers me. 

 This little tot was barely walking. The phone - a symbol of the ultimate conditioning by parents to this New Age indoctrination and brainwashing was somehow wrong, on so many levels.

I was also struck by the nappie, as we call it down under. If parents cared about climate change, then, surely, they would use old fashioned towel or cloth nappies?

Now, I was a traditional Mum. No fancy disposable nappies for me. I got the nappie bucket out, rinsed the soil off the offending cloth and put it in a bucket of bleach and washed it. I hung it out to dry, after putting it in my old style agitator washing machine, shoved it through the wringer and brought the nappies in after a day in the sunlight. Because in those days, we knew that sunlight killed all the bugs.

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It was hard work but, back then, we women stayed home and looked after our kids. 

Our husbands came home from work and we greeted them like Samantha Stevens with our beer for our man, our dinner kept hot and our nookie after the kiddies went to sleep. 

We couldn't wriggle our noses to have all the housework done, but we did manage to keep our 3 bedroomed house with one bathroom and a quarter acre plot all neat and tidy for our man to peruse and survey his domain and know that all was good in the world that was his.

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Since those heady days of the 70's , much has changed. 

Kids are wearing disposable nappies and using mobile phones.

My kids had dummies ( or whatever they are called in America ) and childhood has changed forever.

I ask you:

What is wrong with parents today?


OK, it's a laugh.

Hope you have a good day! 

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