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 Years ago, as a child, I was told a story about a man who changed the world. He had the crazy idea that if you treated people well, they would prosper. He talked with people at rallies and, as time went by, his gatherings grew and he became well known for his words, his deeds and his love of and for his fellow human being.

He didn't give a toss about whether someone was black or white; rich or poor; he didn't even care if someone was sick or diseased. All he cared about was making people better. In making individual people better, he believed that his world would become better, kinder, richer and more equality based.

The problem was that the rulers at that time saw him as the enemy. His words were fighting words; they threatened to upset the status quo. Words were proven to be powerful weapons and they were weapons that the powers that be did not want launched against their strangle hold on the populace.

His danger, to them, was not his physical presence. His threat was his ability to rally the people and speak to them in words they understood. 

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After all, it was in a time when so many people only heard the words of the elite and their Departments - and those words - so often - were words that were in a foreign language as far as they were concerned.

Their language was what we would call today " political speak " or " government speak " - words that are used in such a way as to mean absolutely nothing, but they sound so grand and clever that they must be pretty good.

He was a man who built things. Who could take raw materials and turn them in to things that were useful. But he could also perform miracles. He could change lives with simple things. A caring touch, a kind embrace, a loving gesture of support. 

He didn't promise free food for all: he promised that he would give an opportunity to people to feed themselves, go fishing and bake their own bread.



Of course, the rulers at that time held all of the grain and made sure that only the " right " people could harvest the bounty of the sea and only the " right " people could buy the grain. Even if it meant grain lying rotten in the fields, they needed to control the people and through food they could control EVERYTHING.

They also controlled the money. If people were then told that they could only borrow money if it was for something that was approved of, they tightened the stranglehold on the people even more.

After all, with no money and no food, what can you do? 

Well, this man said a loud and defiant " NO!"  and he exposed the control of the money, the food and the people. He said that if people work they should be taxed fairly and allowed to speak freely , fish their waters and grow their crops.

And that was more than the controlling powers could bear.

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He had to go. By fair or foul, he had to be gone once and for all.

So they brought in a spy. One of his trusted and most ardent supporters on face value. But a traitor , nonetheless.

One day, the traitor pounced and betrayed the man that had been his friend.

And the man was sacrificed, his character maligned, his message of hope ridiculed and his entire political campaign destroyed. 

His closest friends stood by him; his followers from his many rallies stood by him. 


But his people and those from outside his ranks thought that he was dead, but he rose again and emerged from death to be resurrected in life. He won the popular vote in spite of the campaign against him.

That you can fight and have loyal followers and be seen as crucified, lain to death and seemingly gone ... and suddenly, days later, you CAN come back and you CAN live to walk again among the faithful and those that believe in a message of honesty, truth and faith.

Great men may walk among us from time to time, but sometimes there are some who walk taller, walk more upright and they have one thing in common:

Their love for their Fellow Man.

No matter what happens in the coming days and months, 2020 has created a martyr, created a hero and created a force that no amount of rewriting history can ever destroy.

I have faith that this HERO of the PEOPLE will live to see another day. Whether it is in Public Office or elsewhere remains to be seen. 

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But, like the courageous man who preached 2020 years ago, the message of truth and honesty and love for our fellow human being cannot be marked out with a pen, a mark on a ballot paper or a cross....

We, the People, recognise good when we see it. When we feel it. When we live it.

No, Trump is not the Son of God. 

But he is living the same scenario, carrying the same message and experiencing the same game play.

I genuinely pray that he will triumph in this time of topsy turvy world of chaos.

God help him and us, because I fear that no one else will. 










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