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 Tomorrow will see the fate of Queenslanders determined. Are we in in for 4 years of destruction of our economy, our way of life and our ability to earn a crust? Or will we see a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dismal landscape?
I moved to Queensland in 1978. At that time, I was having a bromance of sorts with the then Premier, Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen. Much as I am these days with President Trump.
Sir Joh was our equivalent to Trump in many respects - he disliked the media; you either loved him or hated him and he was often guilty of not being everyone's cup of tea.
But say what you will, Sir Joh loved Queensland. He loved Queenslanders and our State and,  under his leadership, actually had money in the bank.
You couldn't play the pokies up here. The only gambling that I can recollect was on the horses and buying a lottery ticket where the proceeds went to fund our then excellent public health system.
You couldn't buy a playboy or penthouse magazine. You couldn't buy alcohol on Sundays.
Street marches were off the calendar and unions were told to bugger off if they tried to blackmail us with strikes.
So, instead of watching porn or squandering our dosh in the RSL on the one armed bandits aka poker machines, we spent our free time swimming, playing backyard cricket and enjoying time with our kids.

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Sir Joh, like Trump, made some errors when choosing his friends and advisors. But who among us has not made bad decisions … just think of Gladys down there in New South Wales.
Joh wanted to create the Bradfield Scheme but was toppled before he could bring it to fruition. He oversaw the creation of the Fairbairn Dam out of Emerald, a project that has seen the Central Highlands prosper with cotton and citrus, all because of a reliable water supply.
When the miners in Ipswich went on strike and locked themselves in the underground mine, he sent his wife, Lady Flo, to have a yarn. She brought a thermos flask of tea and some of her famous pumpkin scones. She sat with the miners and told them that her hubby was not happy.  Could they please go back to work and get Joh off her back?

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They went back to work.
The Queensland that I love and moved to all those decades ago is a far cry from today's progressive coal hating, dam hating, fear ridden state of chaos and ruin.
Leftist activists can shut down traffic, shut down mines and new job opportunities and the unions are running the state.
The Deputy Premier is a dickhead; the Premier is a puppet and our economy is in tatters. And Jacqui Trad was a union plant and God help us if she gets back in.
Please Queenslanders, vote to get this mob out of power tomorrow.
I admit to being a huge fan of Robbie Katter. I reckon he would make a great Premier.  But that, sadly,  will never happen.
What we can hope for, however, is an LNP Government with support from cross benchers from the Katter party and One Nation.
In the days of Sir Joh, he fed the chooks.  Today, the chooks are in charge of the henhouse. 
 God help us if Labor is returned tomorrow. Because the Labor Party sure as hell won't.

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