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The Telephone, keeps you in touch , keeps you up to date with what is happening gossip wise , family wise and date wise .   Marvellous invention.  
But , and it is a  very big  but,  the nuisance calls are becoming too much of a good thing.  
You answer the ringing telephone and it is the  solar people asking if you have solar panels ,  How many times have you told them , whether it is true or not, Yes , I have solar panels ,  thankyou for your call and hang up.  You try and be polite  but sometimes twice a day , it becomes a bit  trying!     
The garden requires attention , you are out pulling weeds , you have forgotten to take the phone with you , it rings , you forgot , you were  hoping your son was going to touch base.   Rush inside just in time to pick it up before it stops,  Breathless you answer  … Hello...  "It is your solar panel people speaking" ,  yet again.  If you could  rip the  cord out and throw the telephone away you would!  Sometimes it really does test your patience .
Oh, if only you could say I nearly overlooked the next ones.    The Telstra people ,  who knows if it is really them or just someone who uses their name.   "This  is Telstra here.     Your internet and telephone will be disconnected in 24 hours ." That I am afraid that is as far as I have ever got with them, I hang up. 
Goodness only knows what their game is.... trying to get control of your computer and credit card and bank details  I suppose, but they are not going to catch me.     Anyone who rings me up and mentions my computer is  very bad news.     I may be old,  but as yet I am not stupid.

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The trouble with these nuisance calls is it makes you very wary of any voice you do not recognize.  
Especially if it is your Dentist 's receptionist reminding you of an appointment date, or the nice girl from the Hearing Aid people .   You then have to ask please repeat what you just said... because you were that busy getting ready to hang up.    Unfortunately we cannot do without our phones , they are a necessary part of life , but how often do you have your glasses on to read the number …  friend or foe?   Caught every time.     Then what a lovely change when it is a friend or son or daughter.
There again, The Latest sport comes to mind.  The Punch Up.
Foot ball, Tennis,  Basket ball, Golf and many others but there is a new one it is called "Punch Up".
Preferably played against  Women and old fashioned men. .   Expectant Mothers, Ladies recovering from operations , such as hip replacements, and of course the Vulnerable old ladies.   Not sure about the men   who are not able to defend themselves because they are supposed to stand by when a woman beats them up.    These are the poor unfortunate   Normal people, normal men, oldies who reside in Care Facilities and now of course even a Hospital.

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We have seen pictures of some of the meals they are given  to celebrate Christmas , so goodness only knows what they are given every day.     I believe that a menu is given, but a lot of them are unable to fill out the menu  and put a tick here and there.   Pot luck what they get for a meal.     Visitors find that the same night  wear is still on from the last visit, the beds are unmade and it is the afternoon.   The patient has not had a wash...   all sorts of things  not making life comfortable for the poor person in the  so called Care facility.   I was told of one person who had to sit in a chair that was not giving proper support.   It was broken and  the back was in a reclining position.  This lady was expected to eat her meals with no support or have a change of position.  
We have all heard stories of abuse , and even rape in some of these Hell holes.     This is the new sport
 "Punch up"   see how many one can add to  the list of  victims and get away with it.     The latest poor lady is an example.     Are our Hospitals so busy and  poorly staffed that perhaps another patient could have beaten her up?   Are they putting Drug  affected patients in with  other patients?   Are they not checking the staff  when they hire them?    Talk about making  the Queensland   Volunteer  Fire Fighters  get a Blue card ( Police  clearance)  are they not checking up on Hospital and Care facilities?   An insult to the Fire fighters by the way...  as if they are going to molest the very people they are  helping.
This abuse and ill treatment of people who cannot fight back  has got to stop.   They have no voice , only their  relatives have the voice.   The "Powers that Be" don't seem to care  , they talk about looking into the  dreadful treatment  but that seems to be the death knell  ,   Only interested in Money  and Profit.    
 Bugger the  Patient .    Bugger Care.    Bugger humanity.    But not Bugger the   Money!!!!
If the Government wants to strip anyone of their rights surely the telemarketers should be first in line.   But unfortunately the Government is no different to the people who ring me up every day.   Trying to use threats to take away our right to say no and hang up.   These days they just want to arrest us for hanging up on their call to threaten us that they will take away our right to hang up. 
Greed in the Face of Disastrous Fundamentals
Is our Government any different to the bully boys in power these days   they have become The Nuisance Callers … we can certainly do without them and we certainly would not miss them.   
In fact if I had the chance I would hang up on the lot of them because they are trying to threaten me with fear.   Our Government is just like the Nuisance Callers but I am not allowed to hang up.   I have to listen and do as I am told.   I suppose the difference is that the Government already has all my details so they do not care if I hang up.   They already have everything they need to control my life. 

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