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The seeking of power, particularly political power is for the purpose of ideology best suited for the masses.   This can take many forms and depending on which group of people pursue their mindset in relation to that ideology they are elected as a team to govern, generally accepted as in the best interest as to people as a whole. If the people become disenchanted then in what we euphemistically term democracy, they are called to vote for another term. In Australia accepted as being a democracy, we have two groups that are generally seen to be diametrically opposed . They are Labor who preach the doctrine of socialism and a Coalition that broadly are Conservative and believe in private enterprise. In between are slinter groups that generally are Independents or are small groups that have morphed from them.

Over the years aided and abetted by elements of the main stream media, the major parties have been the beneficiaries of a positive or negative press. The National Broadcaster has been unashamedly pro Labor and the advent of the digital age, the pendulum has moved further to the left or to put it bluntly to the Labor ideology. Much of this over the last fifty years our Universities have pushed the Socialist agenda and the generational change has educated or many would say brain-washed our young people who vote.

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This is mild and a simple synopsis, but the increasing avenue that is the digital age as well as the modern, way out education systems, have given the Labor component of the Australia electorate a powerful impetus and following just as has occurred in New Zealand, a country I was born in and spent the first forty-five years of my life. Today it is not the country I grew up in as indeed many Australians who did the same here would agree.

So what has brought this about?   Politics and I suggest very dangerous politics. Whilst the catalyst for this change has been the Coronavirus, we have seen in Australia a unified collective of ALL political persuasions to march to a central drum.  

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Andrews, Berijikilan, Palaszczuk and McGovern at State level and a ‘weak friendly to everyone’ Prime Minister, knee capped by those who he believes has the controlling power.  Day after day, week after week, month after month the same puppet-heads appear on our media. The above named ably supported by their questionable Chief Health Officers . The question of the ruthless suppression of the masses, by essentially four characters , but devastatingly by one that has seen 800 plus people die, tens of thousands with their businesses decimated or destroyed to a point where thee Federal Treasurer was pushed to accuse Daniel Andrews as being ‘callously indifferent’.   Andrews was having none of that and without blushing said the Federal Treasurer was “no leader’, a cheap smear from a ‘leader of a government who has been responsible for the deaths of 816,deaths whereas in the rest of Australia 88.


How can any citizen who thinks further, not realise that the money shelled out federally, and the daily repetitious rhetoric, that Andrews and Palaszczuk, are blocking the will of the people to get to back at work, by lockdowns, by closed borders and plain bastardry of playing with the minds of the masses with a view to State elections, not understand the psychology of FEAR! .

This is not party politics, this is demagoguery . We are not witnessing the rationale of normal logical thinking, with a vision for the betterment of those they swore to serve.

quote the demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to h l mencken 53 56 59

This is the Stockholm syndrome that saw Hitler and Mussolini rise to power that ended in innocent people being led by the nose, as is happening here, particularly in Melbourne, that sent millions lured to camps and the given Zyklon B.

“Callous indifference’?

One must seriously ask the question ...are our leaders suffering from psychiatric illness. The delusion of grandeur, a sickness of the mind. Given that their time in the political sphere, will be short, the mental damage of hundreds who have taken their lives and wrought lifelong problems by their action on thousands will impact years into the future. This is the legacy that present crop have delivered and NOTHING can ever right the wrongs that these who flagrantly absolve themselves of any responsibility should be brought before a Nuremburg type trial and judged.  

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