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I read with dismay some of the comments made on Social Media about President Trump's recent health issue. I believe that now is a good time to share our support and pray for him and his family, his staff and those who have been afflicted by the Chinese Virus. 

How many of them know the story of Donald Trump's relationship with the Bible?

Here is the story that most of those nasty people do not know and probably do not even care about anyway. 

But for those of us who have a love of this man and the work that he has done for us. I want to share it again.

God Bless him and I am sure I join many of you from around the world in wishing him well and letting him know how much he is loved. 

I would love to feel that this small gesture may help him in his journey to wellness - can we get a prayer chain going? 


In the late 1840s two older ladies, sisters Peggy and Christine Smith, had begun to pray for revival on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, about 50 miles off the west coast of Scotland.

“One was blind and one was humped over so badly with spinal stenosis, but they had a passion for revival,” Dr. Sexton said. “They wanted God to work.”

Because the ladies were not of good health, they couldn’t get to the church to pray or worship. “Their house became a place to meet; people came in. They had passion about revival coming to their island, the Isle of Lewis.”

They persuaded their pastor to invite an evangelist named Duncan Campbell to come to their island and preach the gospel.

Over the years he traveled from village to village on the Isle of Lewis preaching the Word of God.

“The fire of God struck that tiny little obscure place off the coast of Scotland,” Dr. Sexton said. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit between 1849 and 1852 became known as the Lewis Awakening or the Hebrides Revival.

“There was a teenage boy who got saved in it. His name was Donald Smith. The preacher became so dependent on Donald and so close to Donald he would ask him to lead in public prayers and help him with the meetings.”

On the same island, a young cousin of Donald’s, Mary Anne, grew up and immigrated to America in 1930, arriving one day after her 18th birthday.

Mary Anne came ashore with $50 to her name and worked for at least four years as a domestic servant, living with her older sister on Long Island.

She met and married a young man whose name was Fred . They fell in love, and were soon married.

The two ladies, Mary Anne's aunts, sent her a copy of the Bible that had been used in the Hebrides Revival.That Bible is a symbol of the power that God has in President Trump's life.

Please watch this wonderful clip and pray for President Trump. 


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