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It’s a Rat Circus out there

The simmering pot has come to the boil and it is not going to end well for me and you or them and theirs.

Throughout the western world, the pot of Socialism has been simmering away for years. In 2020, someone decided to turn up the heat and the pot has started to boil with such ferocity that, unless someone turns the heat down – or better still – throws it in the bin , it will set the house on fire and there will be nothing left of our previous lives.

The scenes from places like Kenosha in Wisconsin bring to mind scenes from a dystopian Science Fiction Novel  - much like the movie from 1979, Madmax.

A story of societal breakdown, murder, and revenge. Many people today have seen the movie Madmax. A low budget Australian movie starring a very young chap called Mel Gibson.

It cost less than $400,000 to make ( which in the scheme of things is not a lot of money for a movie ) and earned over $100 million worldwide.

I am not talking about the subsequent movies turned in to a Hollywood franchise. I am talking about the raw guts of the original movie that exposed the underbelly of what was to come and that we are now confronting.

Hollywood is in a state of collapse – why? Because it has promoted the socialist propaganda of the Left and forgotten the fundamental key to success:

know your audience.

Madmax was and is one of the most honest movies ever made about what could happen when people are pushed too far.

Max, our hero, is in many respects the epitomy of our 2020 hero. His life destroyed by the murder of his wife and child, his hope in a future – all gone.

In the society of the future, the streets are like sick arteries with infected blood inside. The government tries to control criminality with a motorized police special unit, ready to fight to death.


Fifi, chief of the Motorised Police Unit believes that heroism is the key to bringing society back from it's crime-risen world.

And Max is seen as one of those heroes.

“They say people don't believe in heroes anymore. Well, damn them! You and me, Max, we're gonna give them back their heroes!”

What have we allowed to happen to our once peaceful and loving societies?  Heroes are being borne out of violence and hatred and our once lauded heroes from sports excellence have descended into political pawns who spout whatever the latest acronym dictates. BLM, LGBT or God only knows what today’s MSM decides is PC or OT… I am sick and tired of acronyms ruling our lives.

One of my favourite quotes from the movie is when Max the cop says to Fifi, his boss

I'm scared, Fifi. You know why? It's that rat circus out there, I'm beginning to enjoy it. Look, any longer out on that road and I'm one of them, ya know? A terminal crazy, except I've got a bronze badge that says I'm one of the good guys. 

We are seeing a world where these lockdowns and protests are turning the good guys in to the bad guys, the bad guys in to the good guys and we, the so called normal people, are watching our lives as if we are watching a movie.


There is a certain surreal element to life these days. Nothing seems to fit. It is out of whack and out of synch.

In Madmax, the original, it was all about one man’s fight against the control of the Government and his fight to survive with sanity in an insane world. His fight to stay HIMSELF

In subsequent sequels, Hollywood turned Max in to a different persona altogether.

It was politicised.

Has this not been exactly what has happened today?  Our rights and family love have been politicised?
We are creating societies where no one trusts anyone anymore and we are socially distancing and becoming socially distanced.

The erosion of trust and erosion of everything that has held us together has been eroded in ONE YEAR by a virus?

I am reminded of another quote from Madmax where Toecutter, the character I see as the leader of our modern day Antifa, BLM or other left wing activist groups residing in our Governments said:

“Take your hat off.” The Station Master replied “Anything you say. “
to which the bully replied “  Anything I say. What a wonderful philosophy you have.”

Is this not what the leftist bullies want? Us to say just don’t hurt me. We will do whatever you want.

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The Bully? Our Governments?

We have to stop this. We really do.

The world is no longer a simmering pot that is boiling over. It is a pressure cooker about to explode.

And, unlike the Hollywood spin, we do need another hero.


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