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Readers on this site have been commenting about a disturbing topic that seems to be being buried under a sea of censorship. What started out as being reported as widespread side effects among the crew of HMAS Sydney following vaccinations for our friend and saviour the Covid vaccine, has now been sanitised to read " mild side effects. " 

Apparently, these mild side effects required hospitalisation of some of those mildly affected sailors but we are assured that this was purely precautionary. Well, golly, I feel better. Thank goodness that our bureaucratic health officers are on top of this so that we can all rush off to the polling booths and re-elect the people who are our prison guards and purveyors of that " fabulous truth " that it is for our own good.

I don't know about you, but I am bloody sick and tired of the whitewash that is going on in our country and other countries around the globe who are telling us that when we see bullshit, we are actually seeing rainbow unicorns. 

More importantly, are we nonvaccinated people about to be shunned by others? 

It seems that the crew of the HMAS Sydney suffered very disturbing side effects to the poisonous crap that they are wanting us to inject into our bodies so that we can get back to " normal. " Only, according to Dove soap, normal is a nasty word. I would agree with them if it were not for their insinuation that being rational, free thinking human beings is now considered not normal.

Guess who won't be buying anymore of that soap and not buying into the bullshit that Dove and Coca-Cola and the rest of them are trying to brain WASH us with. Sorry, couldn't help it. It was a pun waiting to happen.

In the 1930's, Jews around the world were considered not normal.  How long before we are branded as outsiders because we do not hold a ": vaccination passport? " Will we be branded with some sort of modern equivalent to the Jewish hatred of the Nazi era because we are " unclean ?"

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Is this the latest move by the Woke brigade to ban and dehumanise anyone who does not march to their drum beat? Where normal ( in other words, what we have hitherto accepted as reasonable and indicative of life ) get branded by buttons or stars or tattoos on our arms to publically shame us for being brave enough to stand up for our rights?

What is NORMAL anymore? 

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It all depends upon what side of the debating fence you sit. Is normal gays and lesbians, transgenders and pedophiles to be lauded whilst we " normal " people become despised?

By redefining " normal " we are defining humanity. And that is not a good thing. 

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Getting back to the crew of the HMAS Sydney, all is good and the poor buggers are off sailing to America and Australia’s chief medical officer, Prof Paul Kelly, told the Senate inquiry he had been notified of adverse events, but aside from “a few cases of anaphylaxis” there was “nothing untoward” in side-effects from the vaccine.”

I have had an anaphylactic shock reaction to medication and I can assure you it is no fun. I would not diminish the impact it has on the human body. 

As this website  reported,  " Our ‘friends’ in the mainstream media have been too quick to tell us deaths are assumed to be only “coincidentally” associated with vaccination before all the evidence is in. This raises an obvious question: Is the assumption that the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are never the cause of death scientifically justified or is it a symptom of bias? "

Good question. 

This is not something that is unique to the crew of the HMAS Sydney. People all over the world are dying or incredibly ill because of these hastily released " vaccines. " 

I read only this morning that the cheap airfares being offered by the Australian Federal Government to invigorate the tourism market will only be available to those who have been vaccinated. I cannot verify the truth of this, but, if it is, it smacks of something sinister and troubling, to say the least. 


I do not pretend to know about this stuff. but I do know that ( as has been written here before ) you do NOT release vaccines or medications on speed dial to an unsuspecting and fear-ridden public and not expect problems. 

This entire rollout of prematurely released medication that is potentially life-threatening, life-altering and impossible to " take back " is nothing short of lunacy. All to tackle a flu virus that has a 99% recovery rate. 

As I have said before, this could end up being the thalidomide of the future and, what I find staggering, is that people are lining up to be guinea pigs.

Child victim of thalidomi 012 

Well, not me. And there is no way I will take a flight, no matter how cheap, if it means wearing a mask and shoving a toxic poison into my arm to do so.

Interesting that the drug companies cannot be sued. I wonder why that is?






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