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The world is going insane and following an instruction given from somewhere, some time. Have you noticed the regularity of regurtitated news from all across the world? So who gives the order and who then makes it happen?

This is what worries me. Watch the video below and then tell me that it is not all set up in advance.

This daily dawn chorus of the screeching crows wakes us up with monotonous regulararity these days - and leaves us sick and tired of hearing the same buzz words over and over again.  The mindless statistics of covid cases, the constant sound of misery and despair - to such and extent that I almost prefer the crows to the caucophany of mindless dribble from our news broadcasters and Politicians.

I find it difficult to listen to or even see the faces of the people perpetuating this myth of global catastrophe. To such an extent that I am starting to think that the only global catastrophe we are suffering is that of Covid Overload.

The face of a little newborn baby in Queensland, separated from his Mum because of border policies adopted by a State Premier who has grandiose illusions of being the next Bodicea.... OK... maybe I am getting a bit carried away with that, but many of you know what I mean.

I read on a daily basis of people who have not seen their aged parents or family since March. Because some dictatorial State leader has decided it should be so. People not being able to sit at the bed side of a dying relative because some miserable State Leader has said it should be thus. 

Yet all the statistics show that very few people are dying from this so called flu. More people appear to be existing and enduring a living death in the name of keeping us safe than actually dying because they got the dreaded lurgy.. 

Safe from what? 

Our leaders are telling us repeatedly that they are keeping us safe, yet I fear them more than I fear the virus.  I truly do.

And I do fear whoever it is that is fuelling our MSM. 

THEY have taken our freedom. THEY have changed our lives. THEY have separated us from our loved ones. THEY have destroyed our economies and our joy of life. THEY have put the heel of the jack boot onto the throats of the people more than any knee on the neck of drug dealer George Floyd.

I see that the people of the Northern Territory in Australia appear to have fallen under the spell of the Dawn Chorus and returned a Government that is doing a pretty useless job when it comes to child abuse in Indigenous Communities. That Government has not been flash when it comes to managing the books and running the Territory in a fiscally responsible manner. Old mate Gunner looks to get a few more years to spread his message of spend, neglect and ignore - all because of the Dawn Chorus of Sychophants.

Job well done lads from the media. Job well done.

In a few short weeks, New Zealand and Queensland will face the polls to pledge their support for leftish, socialist Governments to return to do more of the same ( that is to say  ruin the economy, imprison us as people and slap more and more laws and taxes upon us ) all because of a Virus.  

The Dawn Chorus are doing a marvellous job of chirping the same fear.

Similarly, America is facing the polls to determine who will lead them into the most crucial era in human history since the Second World War.

I would ask people to wake up and smell the coffee before turning on the MSM.  Don't allow yourself and your minds to be influenced by a Murder of Crows that, at dawn, every day, wake you up and screech what you should think for the next 24 hours.

Take your minds back. Take your free thought back. Sit back and ask yourself : are they informing you or indoctrinating you?

When you step up to the ballot box - wherever that may be, please ask yourself " am I voting for what I want or what I have been told I want? "

Think carefully. We need to get rid of this Murder of Crows. 

Before they get rid of us. 





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