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Jacinda Ardern, the darling of the leftie luvvies and the CCP has delayed New Zealand's upcoming election until October 17th. Is this a master stroke or a very very bad move for her and her coven of witches? 

What happens if the mood of the Nation has not changed by October? Will she postpone again? And again? No matter what, I suspect that the colt from Old Regret, in the words of Banjo Paterson, may just have gotten away.  I think she may have given Judith Collins an edge that the member of New Zealand's International Union of Socialist Youth, Ms Ardern, should perhaps not have given to her opponent. 

Many of us older people remember the turning points in history, where delaying tactics cost a force their one crucial advantage: power. Because of arrogance and a belief in superiority, they put off the decision to go in for the kill and, instead, focus on bigger targets. In Ms Ardern's case, she is wanting to cement her hold on the people of New Zealand and ensure that she has complete loyalty before risking her control in an election.

Who amongst us ( who was at school and was taught the real history of the world ) could forget the biggest blunder of Hitler's campaign to dominate Europe? It was the invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. 

10a wounded german near moscow

Hitler had Britain on the back foot and need only have invaded. But he did not. Instead, he sent over 4 million troops to the Soviet Union and invaded a country that had a non aggression pact with him. 

Ardern had the National Party opposition on the back foot. After a series of disastrous Leadership battles, the opposition was weak. Judith Collins has had no time to gather strength or define her message to the New Zealand voters.

September was looming with ominous speed and Ms Collins had two hopes of victory: Buckleys and none. There simply was not enough time to rebuild, garner strength, regroup and create an opposition force.

6 hitler giving orders 

The moral of the story? 

When you know that you have your opposition weak, go in for the kill. And never allow Mr Peters to buy time.  Because he had a non agression pact with Labour and he will turn against her - just like Russia in WW2. 

Winston's have a tendency to use time to their advantage. 

Any one who reads history would know that this was a very dangerous move.

Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 proved to be the undoing of Hitler’s military campaign. Hitler sent 4.5 million troops to invade a country that had signed a nonaggression pact with him. This was a fatal mistake because Britain, Germany’s most bitter enemy, was close to powerlessness at that time. Had he continued his attack on Britain he may have won the war. But he decided to delay the attack, believing he had all the time to do what ever he wanted. 

Following the defeat of France, Britain made a pragmatic decision to withdraw its troops from France due to intensive land and air assaults from Germany. As British forces withdrew, they had to leave a substantial percentage of their heavy armory behind. At the moment that Germany invaded the Soviet Union, the British Army was lacking in heavy weaponry and motor transport. They also lacked the operational concept and experience to resist a German invasion.

Hitler made the costly mistake of not going for the kill. Instead, he opted to engage the Soviet Union, a decision that eased the pressure on Britain. This allowed the country to remobilize its military forces to continue fighting Germany throughout World War II.

The invasion of the Soviet Union created a huge dent in the German military machine as Hitler did not prepare for a winter war. German forces never recovered from the Soviet’s winter counteroffensive. By late 1942, the Germans were fighting defensively in the Soviet Union.

Ms Ardern has been fighting war on many fronts. 

No, they are not wars with troops and guns and munitions. But they are wars nonetheless.

She has a desperate ally in Winston Peters who sees his power about to evaporate in to thin air when the election comes.  Judas Peters aka Winston ( what an irony that is ) is fully aware that he is on his last legs and about to be given the heave ho.  

CHURCHILL 2649842b

Winston Peters is no Winston Churchill. 

She has the support of the Chinese Communist Party, the Islamic people and the inner city leftie luvvies who sip on their lattes laced with soy milk and served with a dish of smashed ( imported ) avos on toast.

Yet the ground dwelling Kiwi who scavanges for food on the forest floor called REALITY has no desire to enter her world of woke economics.  

download 2020 08 17T114259.362 

Like the people of Britain, the people of war torn Europe and the people of the Soviet Union in times gone by, the silent majority of Kiwis just want to fly.  No, the Kiwi cannot fly, but, by God, they have sturdy legs and are adept at hiding, unseen under the gaze of others. The Kiwi wants to fly in a way that only a Kiwi understands. Just because you can't, doesn't mean you should not try.

I have a sneaky suspicion that Ms Ardern just gave the Kiwi's a chance to fly - and. like  Britain in the Second World War, this month may have just saved the country. 

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