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From poster BK.

President Trump has addressed the UN in New York at least twice. 

He has warned the UN to downsize or lose US funding, to stop interfering in the affairs of member nations and to get back to the original charter scope of activities and get rid of the rest, too many UN Organisations trying to oversee member nation governments.


The US has now defunded WHO ( the World Health Organization ) and wants a shake up and many changes, particularly favouring and doing favours for the China Communist Party. The United States of America did not sign the United Nations IPCC Paris Agreement when the Turnbull Party here signed and then returned to ratify the Agreement with no need to ratify it, other than making it much harder to dump.

download 2020 07 27T104230

Australia has been severely handicapped in terms of economic growth and national prosperity by United Nations Treaties and Agreements, many signed and activated, including 1975 Lima Agreement (Protocol) effectively agreeing to hand over most manufacturing industries to developing nations, eg; China. Signed by Whitlam Labor.

" More than half of Australia’s manufacturing capacity has been destroyed since 1974 and the economic carnage continues while Australia imports vast quantities of goods once produced locally.  While we're ploughing oranges into the ground, we're buying concentrate back from Brazil.  Our car industry has all but disappeared, steel making is on it's knees and our petroleum industry is under severe threat of being moved overseas.  If a situation arises where there is a serious threat in the region, we will be unable to defend ourselves.  The Declaration will leave Austraia short of technology, tools and jobs and we can thank scores of useless and short sighted politicians for that - on all sides of Parliament.

In 1970 estimates numbered Australian farmers at around 300,000, the number is now below125,000. "  - AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATIVE COALITION - Information for Conservatives

The UN Agenda 21, now Agenda 30, was signed by Keating Labor around 1990 - Sustainability resulting in;

* State Forest and other lands became National Parks ...

> No sustainable logging
> No new dams
> No mining and extraction of minerals and energy
> No satisfactory land management to reduce bushfire risks
> No fishing in National Marine Parks resulting in greatly increased importation of seafood
> Limited access for bushwalking, camping, etc.
> Bans on high country cattle grazing on native grasslands, seasonal burning areas by indigenous

download 2020 07 27T102814

Kyoto and Paris Agreements

> Reduce emissions - targeting primarily Carbon Dioxide CO2, essential for life
> Renewable Energy Target and subsidies ($500,000 a year per wind turbine), penalising power stations
> Electric Vehicle favouring transition also like RET at high expense to the economy.

Australia's politicians and sections of media (Sky News for example) are talking about national security and manufacturing, dams, power stations and other new nation building projects.

Well first step must be to repeal UN treaties and agreements that stand in our way.

And then to repeal the government legislation and regulations of red, green and black legal tape that supports the UN blue tape.

What do you think?

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