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In the far north of idyllic Queensland, home of palm trees, sunshine and sandy beaches, we have a monster on the loose. And it is not a Crocodile or poisonous snake. A killer kangaroo or a mutant spider or a massive canetoad. It is the monster that is child abuse and it must be eradicated. 

After the gang rape of a 5 year old boy, perpetrated by young boys aged between 10 and 13 years of age, there is no way ANY society can accept the abuse. This RAPE is symbolic of the rape of a culture, an Indigenous People who are screaming out for help and our Judicial system and our Governments are not putting on their listening ears.

THIS MUST STOP. NOW. This is not a time for another enquiry, another investigation or another conciliatory chit chat. The abuse must end. NOW.

The same creature is waltzing without restraint through the Northern Territory and every Indigenous Community in Australia. What is wrong with us? What is wrong with our so called leaders? What is wrong with our Social Welfare systems where these children are abused, beaten, raped, born with syphilis and left to rot on the vine of cultural diversity? 

Everyone is so preoccupied with the Covid-19 pandemic that they are ignoring the pandemic of neglect and it worries me.

I was, as you know, a prison officer at a maximum security prison in Queensland named Woodford. I went through a riot and I have first hand knowledge of what the Indigenous prisoners felt about this sort of thing.

Back in those days, I used to look after a great number of Indigenous Prisoners... and the one thing that they all said to me was that white man's justice was easier than "  black man's justice."

In fact, I spoke with some who said that they would prefer to turn down parole than go back to get a spear in their leg or get fed to the crocodiles in their own communities.

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So it came as no surprise to me that the rapists ( yes, that is what they are - forget their age - their crime is still the same ) have been removed for their own safety.

What a shame that the mother of the little boy, herself a victim of rape as I understand - correct me if I am wrong - was not looked after by our weak, leftist and racist Australia.

Yes, I say racist. Because, at the moment, by being so weak and politically correct, we are denying young people of Indigenous heritage the RIGHT to be Australian. 

We are creating a society that is divided. 

Yes, Australia is Racist. While we allow imposters like Bruce Pascoe to pose as Indigenous, something, somewhere, is smelling very sour. Like the stale sweat of the Body Odour of lies, deceit and misinformation. Bruce Pascoe is the author of a book " Dark Emu " that asserts that, prior to the arrival of the European settlers, Indigenous Australians were farmers and not hunter/gatherers. He says that his Great Grandmother was Indigenous, yet records show that she was born in England. A time line is available here


Our societal tolerance of the intolerable due to the FEAR of being judged RACIST is in itself intolerable. 

 Little children are being raped and abused - as young as 2 years old - in Racist Australia.

And we don't do a damn thing about it because to act is being racist.

According to an article published in The Courier Mail ,

"When National Indigenous Council chairwoman Sue Gordon warned that Aborigines out bush were demanding their children be sent to hostels to save them, she was blocked by “the same old argument ... in so-called progressive circles: We will somehow be creating another stolen generation’’.

When writer Louis Nowra wrote Bad Dreaming, warning of child rape and murder in Central Australia, he was accused of pushing a line that “fits in perfectly with the kind of historically naive and white supremacist rhetoric” of conservatives.

And when Bess Price, a Northern Territory Aboriginal politician, warned that Aboriginal women were being murdered in huge numbers and parts of Aboriginal culture had to be abandoned she was vilified as a race traitor."

If we had equality, our little children would be safe. This abhorrent neglect would stop.

As one Indigenous prisoner said to me all those years ago " Miss, if we were treated equal, we couldn't get away with what we are doing. "

By the way he was in for incestual rape and housed in the same unit as his young victim.  


The late great Bill Leak summed it up perfectly. 

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