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I see that the hashtag “ Quiet Australians “ is trending on twitter. I read the tweets and they seem to be all about tearing down the quiet Australian, not identifying who that person is.

That person is ME. A quiet Australian. Tolerant, kind, decent, nice - just a normal sort of person. Yet, apparently, I am the enemy. The Quiet Australian is :

The Enemy.




I am a quiet Australian. I am the man or woman that you walk passed in the supermarket everyday. I keep my head down and I go about my business and I pay for my groceries at the checkout, after waiting patiently in line. I am the quiet Australian who stands by, quietly when you fall over or drop something and I gently step in, pick it up for you and then walk off without a word.

I am the quiet Australian who says nothing at the dinner table when you left leaning activists decry Tony Abbott or denigrate Pauline Hanson or Bob Katter. Yes, I am the quiet Australian who you ignore because we have kept quiet.

We have swallowed our pride, our views, our integrity – not because we agreed with you but because we did not want a fight.

Yet, because of our silence, you abused us, mocked us and treated us as if we were Nazis.

The quiet Australian is like the Jew in the Second World War – hoping the venom will go away and that, if it is ignored, it will simply disappear in a cloud of smoke. Only that smoke was an horrific oven that incinerated millions … so much for ignoring it and hoping it will go away.

But it does not.  It grows. Like a spectre, a monster. Like the advice we get about ignoring trolls. If you ignore them, they will go away.

But they don’t., do they? They get worse and they multiply and become more toxic and more venomous.

The Left are Nazis. Not us.

We are the quiet Australians and the quiet people from around the globe. Normal, decent, ordinary people. And we just want a normal, quiet and decent life.

Because we ignored you, we now find ourselves immersed in a life of immoral, indecent and extraordinary horror.

Because we were told to ignore you.

For myself, I must say that it is time to stop ignoring and start protesting.

I do not believe in teaching anal sex to little children – nor do I believe that it is right to say that oral sex is fun if you are 6 years old.

I do not believe that it is right that children and teenagers are forgiven for setting fires to land that then kills wildlife and takes away homes from fellow human beings.

No, I am a quiet Australian. And my voice has been stifled for too long.

it is time for the quiet Australian to cease being quiet. To stop being silent.

Surely it is time to open our mouths, speak and dare I say, breathe?

If the quiet Australian does not speak out, then the quiet Australian will be silenced.

Yes, silenced.

Unless we do something to defend and protect our voice, we will have no voice.

The”  LAW “ will stifle and suffocate the voice we currently have.

We MUST speak out. We MUST speak out NOW.

Before it is too late.

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