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Back on October 4th 2018, VP Mike Pence delivered a speech that, in my opinion, changed the world. I doubt that the outcome was what was expected, but, in retrospect, we should have been wiser to the impact that this speech had on President Xi of China. Xi does not play by Queensberry Rules

It is my belief that President Trump expected a response but did not expect the way in which China would respond. A virus was a rather diabolical way of " putting him in his place. " 

Because a crooked cop put his knee on the neck of a drug dealing thug , because China unleashed a virus on the western world, the Chinese Communist Party has put its boot on the neck of Hong Kong and no one seems to give a shit. In fact, China has put its knee on all of us and our silence is being won by suffocation. Our voices are being silenced by the jackboot of Communist China. 

China is trying to overthrow America and take control of the world. So far, they have done a remarkably good job. The assistance given by the democrat party, along with the likes of Dan Andrews in Victoria, Australia, Princess Xindy in New Zealand...  the West is in turmoil and people are so distracted by threats of a virus from hell, racial turmoil, sabotage of the greatest President America has seen in decades;  riots and social destruction throughout the west.... ...and all the while, the Chinese Communist Party is stomping its way through Nations because we are too busy putting out fires at home. 


I urge you to watch this speech, listen to it and reflect on how this sounds with hindsight. I listened to it again today and I found it much more impactive than when I listened to it all those long, long months ago. 


Clearly, Xi didn't like Trump's warning and we find ourselves " distracted " by a global epidemic unleashed on us all and our economies and lives have changed forever. Xi let us all know whose knee was on whose neck. In fact, if the leftist morons stopped and thought about it, all they have done is rammed their knees down on the necks of all God loving, freedom loving people around the world and are doing the dirty work for a Communist dictator who has no love for us, our Nations or our ways of life.

They are stomping through the west with the fervour of jack boot wearing Nazis and are being aided and abetted by brainwashed students of Marxism who received their " education " in our schools and Universities. The Confucious Institutes, the indoctrinated graduates who call themsleves " teachers " are no more than Chinese Communist Party puppets who kneel in obeyance to Xi and seek to make us all do the same. 

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Back in October 2019 I wrote about how Trump was letting China know that it could not intimidate America.

President Trump warned Xi that global intimidation was not going to work under his Watch. In fact, he warned China that America was ready to stand up and fight against Communism and the overthrow of Democracy. Well, we know what happened next: China released the Kungflu and has shown us that they are a very dangerous opponent who care nought for anything other than world domination.

The Hong Kong People have been betrayed and one of the most important ports and trading centres in the world is now under complete Chinese control. 

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Hong Kong is the keystone in the Arch that leads from East to West and West to East. 

Even the most heartless of people must surely see this as, not just the fall of the freedom of the nearly 8 million residents, but also the fall of the gate that is the key to the control of the region that many of us call home. 

The fall of Hong Kong marks the fall of the archway and the Southern Hemisphere is up for grabs.  


If you don’t believe me, have a read and consider this small land mass and the role it has played as a keystone in two centuries of history. 

Under the terms of the takeover back in ’97, China agreed to keep Democracy in place for 50 years.

I have to wonder about the legality of the handover, now that it has been breached? 

It is absolutely vital that the world defends Hong Kong .This will not be the end. It will be the beginning.

And the beginning of what? Perhaps it is the beginning of the end? Either way, this is not going to end well or soon.

When you take a knee, be careful that you cannot get up again. The answer is not to take a knee in the first place. 




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