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Yesterday, I had the misfortune to catch a video clip of " the bitch from across the ditch " - Princess Cindy aka Jacinda Ardern, aka the Saviour of Socialism aka Mrs Ed - giving an interview on TV when an earthquake rumbled through Wellington, New Zealand's Capital.

Apparently, this footage is being hailed by the leftie luvvies as a triumph that illustrates her steady strength in times of adversity. Please, spare me the rhetoric! New Zealand is known as " The Shaky Isles " and any self respecting Kiwi (apart from those who survived the Christchurch wobble that was not the norm ) - can attest to the fact that wobbles are a fact of life in Kiwiland and it is NOT a feat of great strength and courage but merely life as usual in New Zealand.

Despite my status as a bona fide Queenslander of some years standing, I spent my childhood in the Shaky Isles. I remember very clearly sitting in the classroom listening to my teachers and the world would start to shake, rattle and roll.  We would all stand up, get under our desks ( as we had been taught ) and wait until the earthquake has passed. then get up, sit down on our seats and the class would continue. 


It was simply life in our part of the world. Occasionally there would be a bigger shake than normal but more often than not, it was just life as usual.

It struck me that, as I saw the leftie luvvies around the world react to this " act of bravery " that people today have become soft and wobbly. They are made of jelly. They have no substance. They panic quickly and seek therapy for trauma counselling. Might I suggest that life downunder will not suit you or your mates. 

New Zealand gets the wobbles, Australia is a land of drought and flooding rains, fires.  poisonous spiders, venomous snakes and giant killer kangaroos. New Zealand has very scary Rugby Union Players and Wellington ( and Invercargill ) is rife with vampires and paranormal activity... we are not for the faint of heart.  We are lands of Rugged Men and people who appreciate them. 

We are lands of pioneers, convicts and heavy drinkers. We also have very strange accents. Must be all the insect bites, maulings by crocodiles and loads of booze. Not to mention being shaken yet not stirred when a wobble hits across the ditch.


Personally, I hope that the rumble in Wellington has given a bit of a shakeup to the  lefties over there and their brains have been given a much overdue wakeup and they can see that their beloved leader is a red flag owned by the Bull that is China.

Comrade Dan Andrews in Victoria is our own male equivalent of Comrade Cindy and these twins of torpidity who sleep the slumber of  Commie Comatose are finally shaken into the realisation that they are nothing more than Sleepers for the Chinese Bear. 

Well, Australia and New Zealand - be warned. The Panda is about to pounce and you are going to have to have a lot of bamboo leaves to keep this beast fed. 

But don't worry Cindy and Dan: with the lockdowns, the Chinese Virus and the Virus that is China, our lands will have become rubble with your help and your Chinese buddies will just walk in, take over and the Beehive and Canberra will be owned by Capilano - a company now under the auspices of none other than Albert Tse... ex prime Minister Kevin Rudd's son in law. Fancy that?


A sign that the lands of milk and honey are now lands of Chinese owned milk, Chinese Honey and we, the People will be fed on Chinese propaganda. Hardly sustaining tucker for the lands downunder. 

We need to develop a spine again.

And stop shaking in our Chinese made boots every time the Panda asks us to pander.

Seriously, is this what you want for us?

Or do you want us to become these poor creatures? 

This is what we will become if we do not say NO. 






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