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I wrote this some days ago and have been too frightened to submit it for publication. Will I sound like a headcase? A nutter? And then I thought: isn’t this what this site is all about? Freedom to express my thoughts and opinions? So here I go with my Q theory and you never know; maybe, just maybe Q will let me know if I am on the right track. Or even Prayingmedic… to those of you who do not follow Q, maybe you are better off to skip this article and or, better still, open your minds and give it a go.

I am going out on a limb here. Is it possible that this Chinese Virus feeds on fear and that it attacks our body’s ability to react to that fear.. through the production of adrenalin? Lack of Zinc?

Is it possible that those whose adrenal glands are compromised are at risk? Those of us who have zinc deficiency? 

The people in the old aged “ care homes often take beta blockers. This slows down the production of adrenalin. - our natural fear and flight hormone that allows us to run from danger and seek a safe place.

The entire situation right now is all about Fear. We are, via MSM and Governments, being subjected to heightened fear. People are frightened to leave their homes; frightened to engage in normal activity. This Virus has caused people to have lives consumed by stealth – through the drip feed of fear.

When we are frightened, our adrenal glands are at high alert. They produce more adrenalin to make sure that we are alert and can stay safe from predators, dangers and threats.

Eventually, our adrenal glands run out of pump and cannot keep up. And we die.

If older folk in homes who are on beta blockers that manage the production of adrenalin… are frightened… then it stands to reason that they will fall prey to this virus more so than others?

Is this about Adrenalin? And Adrenochrome? And Zinc is the Trojan Horse? 

Over the years, I have read so much about so called celebrities taking adrenochrome. A supercharged adrenalin manufactured from the bodies of terrified children, animals or others who have undergone torture. It is apparently extracted while they are being tortured and it is gleefully received by wealthy people from around the world as some sort of youth elixir.

Of course, everything I have read could be a load of rubbish and the Hollywood Elite and Political Elite would never dare to do something so dreadful as to purchase and imbibe a substance drawn from such a filth laden sewer of depravity. Heaven forbid.


But what if, just what if, they have been sold an elixir of eternal youth that they believe guarantees them immunity from a bug that attacks the adrenalin that we mere mortals rely upon?

Adrenalin vs adrenochrome. The hyper you beaut bug buzzer of all time that offered immunity from a virus that all others would suffer from and the privileged few would survive because they had super adrenochrome in their systems?

Imagine that?

All the poor old bastards on beta blockers; all the weak and frail; all the sick and Cancer suffering group would all die.

But they – the adrenochrome addicts - would be triumphant.

Imagine that.

Everyone in the world, except for them, would die. And a new, smaller population would come in to power with a glory that would be magnificent. The remaining population who survived this plague would be slaves to work for and cater to the needs of every adrenochrome taking hyper human.

Imagine that.

But what if their supply got cut off? What if the President shut down the borders and the supply of their adrenochrome dried up? What then?  What if President Trump was rounding up the horror that is child trafficking?



Like all addicts, they would panic.

Victory was within their grasp. And it had been taken from them by one man. The Virus was working well and their very antidote was taken from them.

Imagine that.

Could this be about adrenalin and adrenochrome?

Is it possible that the Global Elites have had their supply of adrenochrome cut off my Trump? In steps China - who can promise them a good supply of their drug of choice - but like all all drug dealers, it comes at a cost.

Everything I have read about this horrific virus seems to come back to the adrenalin and the little regarded Zinc.

Zinc seems to be very important in maintaining good adrenalin gland function. 

Does this virus rob our bodies of Zinc thus rendering us more prone to fear? 

Are we being literally frightened to death? 








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