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In Adelaide, Australia, a woman who had spent her 54 years of life trapped in a body that would not “ do as it was told “ because she had cerebral palsy, died. No, she did not die from cerebral palsy but from neglect. Yes, neglect. Despite being under the CARE of the Government funded National Disability Insurance Scheme, she died – alone, in a chair from which she had not moved in a year, with little food, no refrigerator, no toilet facility… and a Government funded “ carer “ had been looking after her.

When the Police found her, she was literally rotting. She was almost glued to the chair, suffering from pressure sores septic shock, multiple organ failure and malnutrition.

She was immediately sent to hospital where she died the next day.

The horror of this story is that she was under Federal Government Care.

The outside of her home was well looked after and neighbours saw the “ carer “ arrive each day and every night, stay for 6 hours and then leave. They were oblivious to the fact that this poor woman was sitting inside, on a chair, defecating on that chair, suffering each and every minute of each and every day for 6 bloody years.

Let that sink in. 6 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That poor poor woman suffered.

Her carer, provided by “ Integrity “ Health Care, has been fired. Really? Truly?

She/He should be charged with murder.  The South Australian Police have apparently opened a manslaughter investigation: NO, South Australia. This was murder.

Since 2013, this poor woman had been at the MERCY of her assigned carer – a person she relied upon. That person took their pay cheque every week and went home to do what ever “ carers” do when they go home – take care of their children or play squash or run or cycle… and that “ carer” KNEW that the patient who waited patiently was sitting in a wicker chair, covered in their own excrement and unable to cry out for help.


How did that person sleep at night? Tell me, who could spend 6 hours a day in a home with a woman, a fellow human being, and not feel some twinge of compassion?

The woman had lived alone since 2009 after her parents died.
She was on an National Disability Insurance Scheme (BDIS) funded plan because she was unable to care for herself. She hadn't used her wheelchair and possibly had not left the house for "a number of years".

Oh, she had a brother who had not seen her for some years.

What an uncaring person. Fancy abandoning his sister to die such a horrible death.

But apparently, Integrity Care has been officially sanctioned over breaches of the NDIS scheme. Well, that’s good… I feel so much better that they have been sanctioned… NOT.

The company said it had been "determined to seek out out what went terribly wrong".

"Like everyone within the community, we were shocked and appalled to hear about the death of Ann Marie Smith," it said.
"Patient care is at the heart of everything we do."


Yeah, right. If this is patient care, then they have NO HEART.

They only care about the MONEY.And, having taken it for all these years, covering their arses.

Am I angry? You bet I am bloody angry.

Where were the people checking on whether this GOVERNMENT FUNDED care rort was legit?? Who looked after this lady when the carer was on days off or on leave?

Like so many things these days, the Government hands out dosh and NEVER checks to see what happens once the cheque is cashed, the money in the bank and the deal is done.


We see it everywhere. It used to be all care and no responsibility. Now it is no care and no responsibility.

For heavens sakes, for our sakes, PLEASE stop this neglect. Our Nursing Homes have become Death Camps. Our so called Carers have become Murderers.

Why are they trying to kill us?

Because we are Conservative?

Compassion and caring have become buzz words for the Left.

That poor soul,  Ann Marie Smith didn’t die because she was a woman, a minority or a Conservative. She died because no one cared.


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