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We may believe that this is about a virus. We may FEAR this virus. We may dread what will happen in the next few months but I do not think we have seen anything yet.

China has been setting up the master chess play for decades. Quietly buying vital infrastructure in Australia and elsewhere- including its water and agricultural producing companies – Australia’s ports – leased for 99 years – and it has bought the State of Victoria for a who knows what payment to who knows who and for how knows how much.

As even the most naïve of people in the Northern hemisphere would know, Australia is the jewel in the crown of any greedy Nation.

After all, we have Uranium, Iron Ore, Coal, vast tracts of land capable of agricultural plunder. In short, Australia is a goldmine of wealth.

Over the decades, Australia has invited the Chinese to buy and invest in our Nation. They now own our water and a vast amount of our prime agricultural and cattle grazing land.

The Chinese students comprise many of our University students and we have millions of Australians who hail from China.

We have Chinese members of Parliament. We have the Chinese flag flying over a Police Station in Melbourne and the Victorian Premier has embraced the Chinese Belt and Road programme.

I have to wonder though whether the people of Australia and the world welcomed this embracing of China and its people. I have to wonder our Government allowed our country to be sold to China?

Did we? Or did our Governments?

You see, what angers me is that no one ever asked me if I wanted this. I was just told that this is what was happening and that is the way it is.

Is that fair?

Now we face a greater challenge. We are now herded into our homes, denied access to our normal lives and threatened with prosecution for breaching the new laws for Fear. Yes Fear.

This virus is so evil that we must lose our freedom in order to survive. Promotion of Fear is a marvellous way to subdue a populace.

We are frightened. No question. But of what?  A virus that is killing fewer people than the flu?


I suspect that this virus has been around for about 9 months and it was released by China.

I feel that they released it in Italy, checked out how it went and modified it and then launched it on our Nations to bring our Capitalist Societies to our very knees.

Now, they can swoop in like vultures and buy our Nations at bargain basement prices and appear like an abusive partner – benevolent and caring.

Yet, when we are battered and bruised, beaten to within an inch of our lives, this bully, yes bully, who beat us to a pulp with their purpose built virus, now comes to save us. By “ saving” us, they have actually seen us cowered and rolled over, like a beaten animal and grateful to receive their soothing hand and generosity.

My worry is that this is all a smokescreen for what is really happening. Getting us accustomed to life without liberty and unquestioning Fear of what may be the alternative.

While we stay inside, get used to Socialist constraints and rationing of our supplies and our liberty, we are potentially ready for what really is going on:

A War with Communist China that has no soldiers. No fields of combat. No bombs, missiles or ammunition fired. A War of attrition.

They are wearing us down, leaving us exposed and vulnerable and socially and physically isolated from one another.

We are becoming accustomed to life in a Socialist or Communist state of compliance.

Do what you are told or FEAR that worse may happen.

Only President Trump is seeking to extinguish the fire of fear. And MSM is trying to fan that fear. Why?

Why are our media so hell bent on whipping up the flames of Fear?

Are they foot soldiers in this silent war that is being waged upon us?

China is our Enemy. Not the Virus we call Corona. China has stolen our Liberty and our lives. Our livelihoods and our ways of life. Anyone who calls this Racist is a Racist. 

Please, MSM, stop thanking them for stopping the beating. They, after all, turned us all in to victims.


Let us know what we are really fighting.

What our Governments do with this Bully will be a profound Reality Check.

I am happy to go in to lockdown AS LONG AS it is for the right reason:

Not to combat the Chinese Virus but that virus that is China.

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