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Do you want me to list the things you are not allowed to do....    the most mentioned is ..  Do not gather in numbers.   Stay a good distance away from one another.       But what is Queensland doing today,    Visiting Polling Booths, Election of Councils.    Standing in line  , filling out forms,  gathering in a building.     Surely it was not that important that it could not have been postponed.   All the Councils around the State were diligently doing their job  and I am sure could have continued to perform well until this crisis is over.
It has been predicted that in 14 days time there will be an increased problem health wise.   We will all know where  it came from and  who the person was,  who with open eyes  caused it.    Let us all pray  that the prediction is wrong ,  but only time will tell.   I would not like to  have that  optimistic decision on my shoulders.
Redhead has been keeping a low profile staying quietly at home,  walking the dog later on in the afternoon  , keeping a safe  distance from anyone that is met on the  walk , and enjoying the now cooler temperature.     I am trying to think of things to do  to keep the mind from worrying about the Virus.     Ironing is all up to date, the piano  has enjoyed a work out,  the  leaves have all been raked up  and generally most of the  out standing jobs have been seen to.
I went to an outdoor Auction of a Block of land down the road from me.   This was held  two weeks ago.   A group of neighbours turned out too .   There was a good turnout of strangers but they stood in their own space.     No one shook hands  or had close contact but we friends and neighbours did stand a little closer and did chat  until the Auctioneer begin his spiel.     When it was over and everyone started to move away to  walk back home or go to their cars one of the  neighbours said ,    
" I have just picked up my son from the airport , he has  returned home from overseas and in now under Quarantine" .   The bomb had just  dropped.   
Hence my isolation from everyone until I knew I was clear.  
After that experience and hopefully  successfully cleared health wise you can all guess what I am not doing today.   I will not be undoing all the hard work of being careful  this last fortnight  by going and joining the people at the local polling booth.   The first time in my long life I have not voted  and it is with regret because I like to have my say. Thank you for nothing  , it was a situation that could have been scheduled for a safer time  when everyone could have had their say without the fear of contamination or unwittingly  passing on a "bug"  to others.
Shall I say it again .. we are told do not gather in numbers and stay a safe distance from one another.   But what will the majority of people in Queensland be doing today  .. Putting themselves and others at risk!

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