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Many years ago, about half a century in fact, I played netball with my friend Mary.

She was my best friend and a nicer, sweeter girl you would never meet. We played netball in our primary school team.

In spite of her goodness, she was a lousy netball player. It would not have mattered if she was nice, or not nice. The fact that she was pretty hopeless at netball was indisputable. 

So you may well be asking: why is Shaydee writing about a game of netball in these troubled times? Surely we have more important things to consider right now? 

And yes, you would be right. So here is the story about a game of netball and how it still resonates all these decades later. 

I was an arrogant little madam, full of my own self importance and, in all fairness, I must have been a proper pain in the arse to all who knew me. 

One weekend, we were playing in a match against a neighbouring country school. My parents were watching from the sidelines. Somehow, Mary got the ball. She looked around to see who was close by to pass the ball to. Within a second, I yelled out " Chuck it here! You're no good! " and, with that, Mary threw the ball to me. 


My father remembered what I had yelled. In that single moment, the saying went " straight to the pool room " as the saying goes, and, along with spit throughs, blackstuff and other things, became part of the family vault of things imortalised forever. 

It comes to mind today, because Redhead and I received a long, chatty email from my daughter. The one that went to Nepal and slept with a Yak. 


She updated us on her family comings and goings, her work, the weather, the fact that her grandson had a visit from the tooth fairy. You know the sort of thing: a welcome respite from the misery of the news and politics. 

She spoke of how busy she was at work following her recent promotion and how she needed to sort a few problems out. She said that she had a " chuck it here, you're no good moment " and now that she had the ball, things were shaping up rather splendidly. 

Needless to say, it got me thinking about politics and the way the world is at present. 

How many countries around the world are being led by weak or lousy leaders? 

Does it matter if they are nice or not nice? 

What matters is that they are lousy leaders who need to pass the ball instead of passing the buck. 

If they continue to hold the ball, the whole team is in jeopardy and we will surely lose the match. 

In the case of our current political situation in so many countries around the world, the stakes are high. It is not a country netball match on a Saturday morning that we are playing folks.  No, the stakes are much higher.  We are talking about lives, lived and yet to be lived; prosperity, safety, morality and our very existence as sovereign nations. 

We have a President in America who belongs in a care home and should not be let near an unattended icecream cone, let alone a child or a nuclear code.  We have a Prime Minister in Australia, along with his trusty side kick Plenty Wrong who has managed to destroy Australia's diplomatic relations with Israel with astounding agility and ability; and we have a cabinet that has made Australia more racially and religiously divided.  It has been happening more lately than in any time in our brief history as a country and independent Nation. 


Hell, a drovers dog would do a better job than this mob of morons who are destroying Koala habitat, mowing down our magnificent wild brumbies ( horses to my American readers ) by shoving helicopters in the air with snipers to shoot the poor creatures and leave them to rot in our beautiful Snowy Mountains. 

We have a couple who rescued a wounded magpie and when it was able to be released to fly off and fend for itself, it chose to stay. Not in  a cage, but it chose to stay and live with the family that gave it life.  The do gooders stepped in and removed the bird from it's own territory because the family did not have a bloody wildlife carers permit. How ridiculous is that? 


There are morons preaching anti semtism, and many more delusional dingbats praising men dressed as women while not prepared to say what a woman is. There are pompous politicians chanting climate change and global warming while soaring off in private jets to celebrate their latest initiatives to shut down power plants fueled by coal. On;y to be replaced with bird killing, bird churning wind turbines or whale worrying off shore wind farms.


And there is of course the elephant in the room, the sordid saga of covid crapology and the vaccine vault of lies, deceit and death. The new phenomenom of the Baffled Syndrome. 

Oh, I could go on and on and on, but most sane people today know that we are being ruled by idiots and left wrong ( or Wong? )  ideologists who have no comprehension what it is like to live in the real world. 

No, it is time for these deluded piss poor players to get off the court and off the team.  We are not playing an innocent little primary school game of netball where everyone gets sliced oranges at half time and a hearty round of applause for a game well played and a participation award at fulltime. 

No, this game is not a game. It is deadly serious. And it does not matter if the player is a nice person or a jolly good chum.  We NEED to win. 

As my daughter pointed out, she was fixing things because well intended but inefficient people had been in control of the ball and she was now in a position to score some goals for her team. 

It is time for all of us to yell " Chuck it here. YOU are no good. " 

Because, by God, we are losing at the moment and we desperately need a win. 





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