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Magic happens everywhere and goodness, wonder and delight can be found alive and well throughout the world. 

All we need do is look to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, for the joy in the simplicity of delight to be found in such timeless heroes.

Fairies are part of my Manx heritage so it is not be be treated lightly that you have my assurance that the Tooth Fairies are still flying around the world doing a great job. 

They tell me that the Easter Bunny is also ready for a bumper Easter Egg day. But they asked me to remind the children to brush their teeth and not get carried away with too many goodies from the Bunny basket.


 The Tooth Fairy

When I was four years old or so,

my sister lost her tooth.

It was because she said that tooth

had  gotten rather loose.

For weeks and weeks we wiggled it,

we pulled it all about,

and Daddy said that with his pliers,

he would haul it out.

My sister Shirl, she is not brave;

in fact she's just a sook.

She said to Daddy not to touch,

but he could have a look.

So Daddy peeked and so did I

and Shirley opened wide.

But when I grabbed it with my hand,

she bit me and I cried.

When she opened up her mouth

and let my finger go,

I saw the one that she had bit

was  as big as my big toe!

It throbbed and throbbed for days on end

and Mum put on a plaster

'cause if you do, so Mummy says,

it always heals much faster.

Well Shirley, after her long wait,

finally struck it rich.

That tooth came out, on its own

without a single hitch.

That night she ran her tongue right through

The hole where the tooth had been.

And she said it felt really neat

and I thought she was mean!

'Cause she wouldn't let me near the gap,

or even hold her tooth.

So I just sat there, sad and sore,

wishing one of mine was loose.

That night, when we got into bed,

I started to feel like crying

I didn't like the idea of

some fairy in there flying.

Shirley said that I was dumb

and she thought it was funny;

"All that Fairy wants to do

is leave me lots of money!"

The tooth was put real carefully

under the pillow on the bed.

"She won't be able to get the tooth

 without lifting up my head!"

"How big is this Fairy, anyway?"

I said to her with awe.

" As big as me?  As big as you? "

But Shirley wasn't sure.

Mummy said that they were small

like a gentle summer shower.

Daddy said that Fairies were

like tiny little flowers.

Now I'm no dummy, I can tell

when grownups spin a line.

They always talk in sparkly words,

like star and moon and shine.

Well Shirley liked their sparkly words

and soon she was nigh night.

But I lay wide awake for hours,

afraid to close my eyes.

Morning came and I had blinked-

for maybe a second or two;

Because that Fairy had been and gone

 and I had blinked right through!

And under Shirley's pillow ,

we found a little note.

Along with a shiny dollar coin-

and this is the note she wrote:

"I came into your room last night

while you lay fast asleep

and very, very, gently,

I kissed you on the cheek.

Tell your little sister to lift

her pillow, and underneath;

She will find some Stardust!

Signed, the Fairy of the Teeth!"

And sure enough, there it was,

all shiny and sparkly and bright!

She'd left it without waking me,

or giving me a fright.


When I grow up, my turn will come

and, one day when I giggle,

Mummy says, there it will be –

my tooth will give a wiggle.

The Tooth Fairy visits Shirley,

quite a lot these days.

How she sneaks in and then sneaks out –

she really does amaze.

We set traps, all over the room

so she will wake us up.

But she still gets in and then gets out;

I guess it's just good luck.

We glued a tooth to the sheet last night

and then put glue on the floor;

Leading from the pillow

right up to the door.

But that clever little Fairy,

she must have flown right through-

We didn’t catch a Fairy;

She simply missed our glue!

So Shirl and I, we'll just give up;

that Fairy is too clever.

I don't think we'll ever catch her,

not now, in fact, or ever.

But in a week, it is Easter time,

and now we've got the habit;

me and Shirl have got a plan-

to catch a certain rabbit!

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