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We all accept, no matter what genre of music you love, that Elvis is King. He sang rock and roll, rhythm and blues, soul and gospel. He sang to our hearts and souls, our inner selves and our inner child and older heart. There was something about how he connected with us. He managed to be modern, yet traditional; old fashioned and cheeky; provocative yet respectful. No doubt that is why is and will always be “ The King “.

It is true that he had to endure years of being a movie superstar where he neglected his core love – it made him wealthy. With hits like “ Blue Hawaii “ and a myriad of other teen flicks churned out to meet the market, he made money – but he never lost his soul and his roots.

Elvis was born on January 8th 1935 so it seems fitting to write this, 85 years after his birth.

When I hear him singing his Gospel tracks, I feel a tremendous uplifting of spirit and joy. When I listen to his toe tapping teen songs, I smile and remember fondly how I felt as a young lass, sitting in the movie theatre, clenching my fists with excitement and knowing that my eyes were wide with wonder at the handsome young man on the screen who was singing to “ me “ in a movie like “ Roustabout” .

His life was a carefully choreographed set of scenes in a play where he was the main actor. But I often wonder how much of the script he was actually in control of?

He seemed to be a man who, despite his deep familial love of his parents and his humble beginnings, lost track for a while and wasn’t able to call the shots in his own life. He seemed to be directed and not necessarily following his heart.

Despite his enormous wealth and talent, he had times in his life where he simply played a role and had little to do with what lines he was given, what character he portrayed or what music he sang.

I could not help but think today that one of his biggest problems was that he never wrote his own songs.

There is only so much you can do with other people’s melodies and lyrics. I wondered whether perhaps that is why he loved Gospel so much?

The words were timeless, heartfelt, enduring and not written for a “ market. “

I then went on to think about President Trump.

He has been a star on TV. He has been a celebrity.

He does not sing and his voice is incapable of competing with that of Elvis. But his voice has soul. When I listen to him, I feel him speaking to me.

President Trump has Soul.

But President Trump has always written his own lyrics, directed his own show, handled his own Public Relations machine and his hits are his and his alone.

Elvis will always be the King of Music. But I cannot help but think: is President Trump the King of Politics?

They certainly both have star quality and both are very good under the spotlight.


The tragic difference is, maybe, just maybe, Elvis never wrote his own music. President Trump is writing his own song.

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