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We have women who are supposedly running our different States, countries and active in our governments. .     

Once upon a time  that would have been done with responsibility and efficiency  and with dignity .    There are some very capable and excellent  ladies  but, we are being let down, because some of the women  seem to do is make poor decisions  and certainly not do what is best for  the people they are supposed to represent.     We have two choices  ,  get rid of them and find some Margaret Thatcher ladies  or try and  find some Gentlemen who have some  guts to put to right so many  wrongs. 

When women are  referred to as "Ladies" there is no mistaking that  means the female gender.    No getting tangled up with that word “ Men” .   Or transgender. I think it was in “ Little Britain “ that two men dressed up as women referred to themselves as “ Ladies “


The women  are letting the real ladies down... all they seem to  do today is  dress up in hard hats put on a worker's jacket  try to look like men and they think they can  do and say  what they like.


A Lady is “ An elegant and good-hearted woman who uses her femininity in the most dignified and endearing way possible. “

 “ A Gentleman is any man of good and courteous conduct.”

The females of the world used to run the  Home.. steer the  children in the correct direction,  keep their men folk on the  straight and narrow , as the saying goes.   That also  means  , looking after them, supporting them, helping them.    But today,  females  are expected to work full time bringing money into the household budget ,  plus trying to do  all the tasks I have just  mentioned.     Naturally something gets neglected.   There is just so much a Lady can manage.   Even " Wonder Woman"  would find herself   exhausted at the end of a day let alone years of trying to  do a never ending  task.

I can name a few “ Ladies “ who are worthy of the title.   Not many of them are in our Parliaments or in our positions of importance. Ladies who can pull off the incredible task of being both successful career women and successful mothers.  

So is it more about the quality of the woman and her “ ladylike “ behaviour than her gender?

 Just as there are many men who work very hard and long hours and still manage to be extremely good fathers?

Maybe that is all it is.  Men and Women who have passion,  integrity and the guts to express an opinion and stick to it.   Too many people have been brought up with no guiding hand at home ,

If parents today are handing over the rearing of their children to day care and schools, then we must be even more careful with the choice of our teachers and what those teachers teach. I know there are some very good teachers in the Schools but there are also too many that are not  the best.  


They are  teaching our children things they themselves  believe and not what is the truth .   No wonder a number of our young ones get into mischief and  decide to try drugs , light fires and generally let the side down.

Look at any  young one  today that seems a cut above the rest , polite , well spoken , enjoys sport, does well  in class , then look at the Mother.   The answer is right there in front of you.    They are there, but not as many as we would like,   both the Father and Mother are doing their best , each supporting one another.    

Is it time to try really hard to find the  strong Ladies and Gentlemen who will do their very best for our Country?

 We have tried the  misguided  Leftie who thinks more about some little insect or tadpole  than the poor burnt koalas  or kangaroos , the  ruined home ,  the damaged fire fighter , the starving cattle , the animals on the farms deprived of drinking water, the  despair of the farmer for his animals  and his family.  

Wake up , we have  a chance to change things when we have an election,   let’s use that chance.  Choose strong Gentlemen , look closely at the Ladies who stand, hoping to represent your area.   Our future is in our hands.   

But at the end, it will be in the hands of the Ladies and Gentlemen we trust with our vote.


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