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censorship  It costs a lot of time and money to run a site. So I signed up for some affiliate advertising a few days ago. I started ads and got a few commissions. Whew.     But to day, I got an email. My account has been suspended. Should I be angry or pleased?. 

To be suspended one has to have been a very bad person.

The email I received said:

I hope you are well! 

I am just reaching out to you today to inform you of your account suspension from the Commission Factory Network. This suspension has occurred after recent articles on your site were brought to out attention. 

It is with our discretion that we suspend your account in relation to the below clauses in the network Terms and Conditions: 

2.3Commission Factory prohibits the use of this Site by Affiliates who operate websites containing pornographic, racist or illegal content. The definition of pornographic, racist or illegal content is entirely at the discretion of Commission Factory.

2.4Commission Factory does not support the advertising or placement of advertisements on any sites connected with racist or illegal content.

Kind regards 

 Of course, I totally agree with their policy. I abhor racism, pornography and illegal actvity is a no no. But obviously I upset someone. Hmmm, I wonder which article it might have been?  Nope, no idea.... it couldn't possibly be the one that mentioned Pauline or her friendship with a pedophile whilst she was in prison.... the one that said that she should not have endorsed a moslem candidate for fear that she would estrange her core Christian Conservative voter. Not that one!


I got in touch with them and received another email:

This matter has been escalated to me from our Publisher Development team. 

I thank you for your interest in using the Commission Factory platform. Unfortunately we have decided to suspend your account due to reports of offensive content. As a network, we try to steer clear of any content around controversial political, social, or religious topics. Many articles on your website could fall into this description. 
Content that we deem as offensive is at our discretion and unfortunately we will not be overturning our decision at this time.

So it would appear that this site is very naughty indeed. Maybe I should be pleased. 

What is happening in the world? In our " free " and tolerant countries?

Should I have kept my view on Pauline to myself and not raised my head above the radar? Written an article about My Kitchen Rules or how pretty The Duchess of Cambridge looked at the BAFTA's? 

It is  fact that a website needs to pay for itself. The easiest way to close a site is to cut off income streams. I got knocked back by numerous affiliate marketing programmes. Have we become so censored that, unless you promote anti Trump, pro abortion, pro homosexuality and pro climate change bullshit, you are " far right " and offensive, racist and or  intolerable.


Well, I think Trump is the best President America has ever had. I think abortion at birth is murder. I think that islam is an ideology, not a Religion. You may not agree with me. If you do not agree with me, don't visit my site. Or, if you choose to, at least comment and put forward a rational and polite debate based on reason and facts.

But don't run away and make a complaint to an advertiser about my site being " mean and nasty... " 

I would love to hear what you think. Is my site that dangerous that, within a few short months, the attacks have started in attempt to close me down?

Well, that is my rant. 

On a positive note, thanks to all of you who are reading my articles. I have fixed the commenting system so it should now be working well. 


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