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Our American friends will be celebrating their  Thanksgiving Day shortly and they have a lot to be thankful for,   a truly wonderful President,   a Country gathering strength and making American Great again.

We as individuals have much to be thankful for too.    

We should  look at ourselves and our individual lives and list the things that make us thankful to be alive.  

When my husband of 65 years was in his last couple of years, unwell  and unable to do lots of the things he used to love participating in, he would get very distressed and unhappy , complain about his inability to walk  , help me  in the garden ,  be grumpy company , you know unable to do  all the things men love to do.  

I would say to him .... most of the time it fell on deaf ears but I tried …. think of what you can still do and not  dwell on the things you can't.

mb2I bought a Mobility scooter , a surprise birthday present and what an exciting day ,   the Man who brought it out to the house showed him how it worked and then walked with him down the quiet road we lived on and he took it for a    trial run.      That  Scooter gave him a whole  different outlook on life.     Every morning off he would go  around the area , chatting with the different neighbours , builders working on site , catching up on the street's gossip.   Again in the late afternoon another run out,  this time down the  path  through the local Park to the boardwalk that led to the beach.  There were Holiday complexes that used that boardwalk and he would meet all sorts of people from all over the world .   What a difference that made to his last couple of years.  

It is a whole different experience from being taken for a drive in the car , to be independent again.  

We have to say that independence is something  we only miss when we no longer have it and have to rely on other people  .  We have to be thankful for enough money to keep food on the table , able to pay our bills and outgoings without having to scrimp and go without  to find that cash.     Thankful for a house that we own and not worry about a Landlord who is going to kick us out at a  moment's notice.    No one needs to be a Millionaire  to be thankful for the  basic necessities  of comfortable living.   

 We need the comfort of friends and family  , their emails , their visits ,  and even if they live further away than you would like , their effort of keeping in touch by telephone ,  email  or Face book is really appreciated and looked forward to.   Once again thankful for being able to see or hear and hold them ...   big hugs  for a greeting and another  for a goodbye when time comes for them to go home.   The  nice feeling you get after a lovely visit from one of those friends.

Feeling thankful for the life you have is a very varied experience ,   stop and give it some thought , what do you feel Thankful for in your life?

When you sit down at the table surrounded by your family and close friends  laughing and talking and discussing all nature of topics , do give some thought to what we are thankful and grateful for in our own personal lives .   Say a prayer of how lucky you are that you are one of the fortunate ones with a life that is full  and not be one of the unhappy people who would love to  trade places with you.  


Be Thankful.



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