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I have just finished reading a very interesting and critical article  about the ABC .. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Once upon a time the first Channel on TV I went to was the ABC.   It has to be months since I,  other than when I am changing channels,  have watched anything on Channel 21 or   24.     It was always my favourite channel, good British   shows,  and to think that  I even watched David Attenborough ....  that man has last the plot !!   All you seem to hear and see from  the ABC now are people talking and behaving in a way that we are not used to.
For goodness sake  get someone in charge of the ABC that will start entertaining and informing the Australian people again.     

 Not boring and preaching and brainwashing.

Programmes we can sit back and enjoy , relax after a busy day , laugh at, decide who did the murder on a murder mystery or something  that doesn't try and preach to me.   News that tells us what really is going on , not a one sided account of happenings.

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Fortunately we have Skynews on Win Channel 83 which is entertaining and factual  , news given that is unbiased .   Outsiders  that keeps us up with the latest  world affairs  and what is going on in our own country.   Bolt and Kenny , Paul Murray   Credlin and Jones and his mate Richo.   Interesting  , factual  and also entertaining.
Which takes me to the fires that are burning throughout the  NSW and Queensland.     First , we have to be so thankful for the supreme job the men are doing.   But,  we have it again,   a woman on the ABC said that when they go home after all this is over they will beat up their wives.   Can you believe such a dreadful comment.     Their wives will be so pleased to see them safe and sound , it will be hugs and kisses all round , last thing on the Fire Fighters  minds will be domestic violence!!!!   
Too many  fires have been lit by young kids  9 years to about 14 or 15 years old.   Slaps on the wrist and being told  they must not do that again is not good enough , that is not a  punishment  to deter others from trying it.   Something has to be found to make them too frightened to  act in such a dreadful way.    Parents have to be involved too,   I know parents cannot  keep track of what their kids get up to  all the time, but when acts like lighting fires and doing major damage is concerned they have to  be involved.    
Or is parenting now left up to anyone but the parents?
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Back to my first  comment  about the ABC, let  some one with good common sense and fair play take over  , no one can do a poorer job than is being done at the moment.   The average man on the street could do a better job . 
 All that has to be done is look at what we enjoyed   several years ago and ABC will be back to being  a favourite  channel again.   
But somehow, I think it is too late.   
As a commenter "  Malcolm Kirk " said:

“one of the most trusted Australian institutions” When I was a youngster, about 80 years ago, that would have been a statement enthusiastically endorsed by a great majority … “here are the headlines, read by James Dibble” … “come Old Mother Hubbard and Jack and Jill” and so many other sounds, including the haunting strains of British composer Ronald Hanmer’s wonderful piece ‘Pastorale’ which for 27 years and 5,795 episodes called us to the wireless to listen to Blue Hills. Back then, most trusted, you betcha! Now, having descended to the depths of Q & A and the like, in spite of excellent and essential work still being done and presented to an appreciative audience in other areas, the image has been badly tarnished. Can a surgeon be found to excise the lefty malignancy and to restore to a once happy and loyal audience their beloved ABC?


You all can  guess what I am going to do now,  back to my old favourite Agatha Christie at least with her I know the clues are there and it is up to me to sort them out, not like the ABC  who feed you a load of rubbish and sit back and expect you to believe it!!!!


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