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I feel somewhat bogged down today. The weight of what is happening here in Australia and overseas in America, the UK, Hong Kong and elsewhere seems to be a weight that is increasingly heavy. People say that you need to straighten your shoulders, pull your gut in and stand tall - but, right now, it is damned hard to do so. The weight is so heavy.

Can we throw this burden of bulls##t off? 




As a child, I used to play the game " stacks on the mill, ,more on still. " It was a simple game: one kid was chosen to be the victim and all the other kids would pile on top and see how many could pile up before the entire pile could collapse.

Well, I feel like the poor kid at the bottom of the stack whereby it won't take much more to bring the whole thing down to a pile of rubble that used to be normality.

We have some very serious bushfires in Australia at the moment. I am not suggesting that we don't have fires normally - we do. Australia is a hot, dry land and, when it is not, it is a land that delivers floods and devastating rain and deluges from above. Our Continent and Nation has been renowned for its unforgiving Nature and its challenging climate. FOR CENTURIES. And FOR MELLENIUM.


What we are facing today is sabotage: yes, SABOTAGE.

The green and leftie activists are exploiting Nature and its infinite diversity of weaponry at a time when so many people are struggling. Never let an opportunity go to waste is their mantra.

While farmers are bleeding tears of helplessness and trying to keep their emotions in check; when families are fleeing their homes and their memories because some arsonist had decided to set fire to their community; when certain people accuse our brave Firefighters of returning home to beat their wives; when low life cowardly opportunists pretend to be firefighters and tell people to evacuate - only to ransack their homes; when our Green Politicians accuse our duly elected Government of being Arsonists; when the democRATs in America conduct a " hearing " based on hearsay and secret squirrel testimonies from non existent witnesses; when Britain faces the horror of an antisemitic Socialist Government; when 16 year old children can win applause for being mentally ill; when our power grids are failing and our lives are being destroyed by a handful of demented left leaning socialist morons; when all of this comes together - we have a big problem.


When, in Australia, our Conservative Government gives a drought relief package that hardly any struggling farmer is eligible for; when a farmer cops a $1 million penalty for cutting a firebreak ; when grown men cry from frustration and destruction of their pride as MEN; when toxic women ignore the plight of thousands upon thousands of children around the world when they are sexually exploited; when animals are horrifically slaughtered to appease the views of the few; when our elderly and young are mistreated, neglected and ignored; when our normality is denigrated and our history is being eradicated through propaganda and misdirection; when all of this is said and done, we are at a crossroads.

Do we turn left? Do we turn right?

I have tried, so very hard for so very long to stay in the middle of the road and keep forging ahead.

Yet I fear that it is time to make that hard turn right and become clear as to quite which direction I must take.

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The straight forward or middle of the road option is no longer an option.

We MUST make a decision.  Today we call it Right or Left. Years ago, it was Right or Wrong.


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