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I confess. I'm a Man.

My sins are many.

I'm male, white, and heterosexual and I love my wife and kids. I vote conservative. I have no tattoos. No beard. I go to church on important days. 

I'm just an ordinary bloke doing what most blokes do every day. Work and do what comes naturally. Just be a man. Just being myself.

Years ago,  I heard that song by Helen Reddy.



It sounded quite good to me.

How things have changed since then.

Women have changed. 

So have men.


I was brought up the old-fashioned way. In a small town where I still live. It's somewhere far away from the city lights and the most exciting thing that happens after dark is dawn. True story.

It's that kind of place. 

I am respected here in my town but, out in the world beyond my town, I am seen as some kind of monster. Why? 

Because I am a bloke. 

And I have become strange. It is like the vampires are taking over.



The big smoke cities and the news seem to think that blokes like me are old hat. Past our use-by date. 

I don't agree. I've had enough and so should you. The Left want to kill us off. Replace us with wimps who surrender at the first command to say " sit " and " beg " and " roll over. "

I've not lived my life to sit, beg or rollover because some sheila or politician or some activist says that I need to do as I am told in order to get a treat. 


It's time to fight back.

Someone tells you that it is a great idea to be cold and hungry so that you can save the Planet. You should give up your home and your job so that people from Africa and the Middle East can come and live in your house and have you work harder every day to make sure that they can sleep warm and secure while you are out laboring to feed and house them... hell, wouldn't you just be a tiny bit pissed off?

That Men are the greatest scourge on humanity today?

Do the Left truly have any idea how delusional and stupid they sound?

I'm a " privileged " white male. I have a home and a car and a family and a wife and worked hard for everything I have. Now, I am supposed to feel guilty for the things I have because I am a white male and did these terrible things - like working and slogging my guts out so that others could do nothing and tell me what a bastard I am. 

work quotes smart hard work quote a hardworking man is more powerful than microsoft word smart quotes

I'm proud of what I have done and will not let anyone tell me or direct me to apologize for doing what is instinctive: to look after my family and my country.

How hard is this for people from the Left to understand? My role, as a man, is to look after my family.

At the moment, I ( as a “ Man “ ) am being pursued by feminists, vegans and rainbow warriors. I'm being hunted down by rabid journalists who hate my words and everything I stand for,  I am being sought by homosexual men and lesbian women who want to tear my heart out. For my crime of being a white, heterosexual, happily married man who is a father and husband and believes in old fashioned, traditional values.

What, honestly, have I done wrong? I've never beaten my wife or children. I've never stopped my wife from being herself. I've never not worked, bludged off and just said "Nah, can't be bothered going to work today...too busy having a protest march. " Never. Not once.

My wife has her own money - I trust her. And she trusts me. We are a partnership. But, apparently, I'm a misogynist, white, privileged shithead who does not deserve to live. Forget my hours visiting people in older years. Volunteering to raise funds for nippers { surlifesaving in Australia - editor }  No, that is worthless. Just crap. 

Forget the help I have given to those that needed a light bulb changing, a fridge moved or a story listened to as part of being a good neighbor.

Worthless. No consequence.

After all, I am a man and a danger to life on the planet and responsible for global warming. 

kids and dad

Well, I do have value. I am a man. I am male in my chromosomes and I am damned proud of my life, my role as a man, a husband, a father and a mate.

Sometimes you just need to have the guts to stand up and say “ I am a man and damned proud of it. Without me, where would you be? “

Because when the shit hits the fan, it will be blokes like me that do the heavy lifting.

Because that's what we do. Always have and always will.


My name is Monty.

I wrote this article.

I am a woman. 

I wrote this because most men would be too afraid to. 

I support real men with real values and I hope you do too. 

This is also a tribute to my late father. A man whose dedication to my care and that of my Mum and siblings made me the proud woman I am today. Much of what I wrote was inspired by my late Dad,

Never ever stop being the men you are who love your family and most importantly, yourself. 

Long live Real Men. We need Real Women to support Real Men. Please support our message.




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