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When Greta uttered those three words “How Dare You’, she effectively diffused the climate change argument.

Not only did she diffuse it, but she almost destroyed it.

How dare I have a different opinion to her?

How could anyone disagree with her?


It was not only an affront to those who debunked the idea, but also to millions of the unheard who may have been undecided.

That a young girl should suddenly morph into a radical tyrant , who blew her fuse?  Yet she has  suddenly been knocked off the pinnacle of her mountain. Gone to a cave, a safe space and a place of retreat?

Think for a moment ….suddenly she has been whisked away to relative obscurity. The scam was evident, she has overplayed her hand and the Soros’s, the Gate’s, the Bono’s have egg on their faces.

All that remains is a horde of confused young people who are convinced that we, the older generation have stuffed up and their lives are in jeopardy.

Perhaps instead of young people turning to politicians and corporations, they might turn to their grandparents who were born in a time of cataclysmic change; when war was all around them;  but they survived to live a life, whilst political driven wars always rumbled in the background.

Young people are too busy with the products of the electronic age  - their mobile phones, their I pads, their gadgets;  too busy soaking up the propaganda of the universities to ever hear their grandparents in quiet moments say to their pre-baby boomer friends, acquaintances or strangers ‘We have lived in the best years’.

And we did. We lived the best of years. Yet they were also the worst of years.

I suppose it was because we were too busy fighting back from adversity, getting a job and building a nation.  Building families and lives that matter;  lives that make a difference.

We did not have the time to spawn a generation of malcontents, like the Greta’s of this world and her ilk.

When Greta uttered those three words “How Dare You’, she effectively diffused the climate change argument.

Thank you Greta.

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