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Back in the days of Ancient Rome, around 80,000 people would gather to watch some poor bugger fight for his life against his opponent – normally another man or an animal that was fighting for his or its life as well. The crowd laughed, cheered and barracked for their favourite with little regard to who or what was fighting the battle.

All they wanted was blood. And a lot of it.

The Coliseum was the home of incredible violence and theatrical drama to entertain and delight the bored masses who lived in luxury, decadence and privilege.

On the 8th of August, the FBI raided the home of President Donald J Trump and the left are busy buying their tickets to watch him face their blood lust.

 The Deep State is going in for the kill and " they"  are already preparing the popcorn.

The reasons for this staged spectacle are interesting to consider:

 Is it to create protest movements on Trump's behalf so that they can declare martial law and cancel the mid-terms?

Are they so arrogant that they feel that they can do what they want?

Or are they so desperate to destroy him? 

I don't know.

Is Trump leading them into the colosseum of his making?  Setting them up for their own downfall?

We will know soon, I suspect. 

It seems to me that Social Media and MSM - along with politics - are a modern colosseum. Complete strangers attack, cheer on and use verbal weaponry to support someone, anyone, as long as there is blood on the ground and there is a body lying dead at the end of it.

download 2020 07 24T092353.023

MODERN DAY fights in the colosseum are now fought out on twitter, instagram,, tik tok, facebook and blogs. They are fought out on MSM, left wing TV shows and now, within the very halls of government.

But they are merely the " curtain raisers " as we used to call them - the shows before the main event.

The real action is about to play out on centre stage. 

download 2020 07 24T092324.566

Donald Trump must be sitting somewhere wondering why he even walked into the arena in the first place? Surely he knew, back in 2015,  that to do so was putting him in dangerous territory? Yet, walk in he did, and was prepared to confront the wrath of the waiting crowd.

In ancient Rome people gathered to celebrate the death of people or animals they did not give a shit about and applauded their death.

They clapped and cheered when a lion or a slave died.

What has changed? Nothing.

Perhaps, in truth, the problem lies at the feet of the spectators. If the crowds weren’t there, would the blood sports exist?

 download 2020 07 24T092613

No, it goes much deeper than that. It goes to the heart of the rot that has set in and the decay that is moral and political.

What happened today at Mar a Largo is a symptom of the filth that we - yes we - have allowed to invade our once free and just nations. Without worry or apology, Donald Trump has stood before the evil in the world with a giant mirror, and the evil does not like what it sees. Rather than reflect on the image that looks back at them, they choose to destroy the man who showed them their vile image

More than anyone on the world stage, he argues for individual freedom as the indispensable ingredient for civilisation itself and free nations as the essential fight back against international governance and tyranny.   In speech after speech across the globe, he stands alone and pushes back against the weight of history’s currents.

No wonder they want him gone. 

What his fiercest adversaries are only now realising is that Trump changed the trajectory of history permanently. 

He is not operating on their terms; they are all actors in the Trump Arena.

I wonder: who really is facing the colosseum at the moment?  Trump or the people who seek to take him down? 

No matter what, Trump will emerge triumphant in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. And it is up to us to support him and let him know that his bravery was worth it.

Are you with me? 

article updated to include this video just released from President Trump

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