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What is a blog?

Something that is a diary, online, from a person who wishes to share their thoughts and feelings on matters that are of current importance to the owner of the blog. 

It is not a news site. We invite opinions from others on the matters that the diarist writes, but on the whole, a diarist ( blogger ) invites others to comment.

Suggesting that the blogger has shared something that is bxxxx is hardly conducive to being an invited guest - a blog expresses MY views and those that I invite to be guest bloggers. 

When someone goes to Breitbart or Gateway Pundit or other websites, your comment is subject to moderation. Much like The Australian.

Free speech is honoured here, as long as it respects the blogger in whose home you speak.

I applaud everyone's right to free speech, but if you are in my home, I ask that you hold your tongue and leave - if you find my views, or that of MY guests, abhorrent or not to your liking.then go somewhere else.

This BLOG is pro patriotism and pro life.

This BLOG is against animal cruelty, elder abuse, child abuse and is pro GOD.

This BLOG believes that if we cannot protect ourselves, then who will protect us? Certainly not our governments.

This BLOG is pro guns. In as much as someone loses their arm to a chainsaw or they lose their life to a person with a knife, we do not believe in banning chainsaws or knives.

I watched a movie the other night about the true story of the siege of the Raj Hotel in Mumbai when Islamic terrorists shot and killed people. None of the guests were armed. The bad guys will always have guns. Banning guns, imposing masks, imposing vaccines...no, a thousand times no.

FREE SPEECH and FREE WILL travel hand in hand.

In my BLOG, that is what I believe. If you don't agree with MY BLOG, please go to somewhere that agrees with your views.

And never do what two young women did in Redhead's house and tell her, in her home, that she was a dirty old lady for having a Firefighters Calendar on her wall.

You WILL be asked to leave. And, before someone says that I shouldn't take donations from people I will tell you this: don't send a donation if you don't like it here.

I have refunded before and I will refund again. Just remember that this is as much Redhead's house as it is mine. It is Malcolm's house. It is Happy Expat's house. It is MY online family house. If you don't like it, don't come in. 

We are a happy home. 

In this current world that has so many people who are welcoming of Islamists, pro-abortionists and pro destruction of everything I hold dear, MY BLOG is not a free for all. 

It is a safe place for like-minded people to chat, comment and pass the time of day.

If you like disarming the population; masking the population; vaccinating the population, then I just ask myself... why are you here?

If you are for destroying our power grid, why come here?

If you are for the destruction of our morality, our way of life, our history, our traditions, why come here?

Stir your venom elsewhere. 

You are not welcome here.

This is a free speech site. But not when you enter MY door and start lecturing me about YOUR views and your beliefs. 

And when your free speech shuts others down because your voice is so loud that the rest of us just walk away. That is not free speech. That is bullying.

This is a BLOG. If you don't like us, please leave.

Find your own safe place. Because, right now, we NEED a few safe places to speak OUR minds, free of left-wing bullying and trolling.

And no, I am not talking to anyone in particular.

After all, this is a BLOG

Not a publication. Not a news site.

It is a diary of MY thoughts and those who share my point of view.

If you don't agree, then this is not the place for you. 


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