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Can you believe this? Seriously? A Melbourne Council is going to spend thousands of dollars to remove brand new armrests from public benches so the homeless can sleep on them. Bugger the oldies who like to sit down and enjoy a sit in the park or just get out and take the air. Oh, hell no, we cannot have that, can we?

Socialist Councillor Sue Bolton has convinced the council to be more inclusive. In doing so, she has marginalised all the oldies who need a bit of a help when getting up… how bloody inclusive is that?!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, pull my hair out or take to the drink…. 






No matter what, this level of insanity is driving many people, like me, to the point of terminal frustration. HOW, just how, is taking armrests off public seating to accommodate a homeless person making a statement about inclusivity? Surely Sue the Socialist snowflake could take a few homeless into her home and leave our public benches to the elderly and give them a bit of a hand? Deal with drugs? Deal with domestic abuse?

But, to be fair, this is the way of our world at the moment. Some butcher in one of our Godforsaken Southern States has been told to take down his “ non halal “ sign from his window because it might upset or offend some residents. No guesses as to who might be offended of course.

I know that when I read about the butcher shop, all I could think of was good for him. I hate halal meat. It is tough, inedible and cruelly harvested. I refuse to buy it or eat it.

Do you know that I heard today that people in Peregian and Marcus Beach are lining up to get $180 because they evacuated the other night, during the fires? I know of at least one motel that gave them discount rates – at cost – and these people are lining up to profit from this disaster – because the Government is giving a “ handout. “ Forget that it is OUR money. They are MAKING MONEY from a disaster – well, shame on the lot of you for queuing up and getting a cash grab. So many of them did not suffer anything other than an inconvenience. So many just went and stayed with friends or relos. 

Shame on the bloody lot of you. 

But this is life today. The “ what’s in it for me “ mentality. The social conscience holier than thou misbelief that homeless people should not be found homes, but made more comfortable sleeping on a bench, in a park … give me bloody strength.

I used to watch a programme called “ The Block “ but when two of the competitors pulled the Gay discrimination card, I pulled the plug. I can’t even watch crap TV anymore because it is even crappier than it was. And that is saying something.

This inclusive drivel that alienates the many to embrace the few is out of hand, out of control and out of step with the thoughts of most sane Australians.

Will it ever end?

I watched a clip of Michael McCormack having a dummy spit in Parliament and could not help but think “ Thank God! At last! Someone who still allows emotion to come through. “ And I always thought he was a wimp…

Anyway, that is my dummy spit for the day.

As I sat at my Mum’s house this morning, thankful that the fireys saved her home and thousands more like hers, rejoicing in the sunshine and the visits from her neighbours and the gratitude that she can still get up from a chair without help, I could not help but wonder:

How many of our older residents live without her supportive family and neighbours? How many have just been confined to their homes because some stupid, narrow minded, pig ignorant, socialist dickhead decided to be a Social Justice Warrior?

Well Sue Bolton, what say you to that?

My late father needed armrests to get up and down from the bloody toilet. Do you not care?

Or do you not care?

Yep, Sue Bolton, like so many today, YOU DO NOT CARE.

Oh and by the way, the weird photo is because we can't afford to buy photos. Bugger!

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