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I look back on an article I wrote in December 2020 and thought that perhaps 2021 would show a decided improvement,  No such luck from shortages of toilet paper to more lockdowns over the whole Country and border controls and those awful masks ..   we have been even worse off.   It makes me wonder what 2022 has in store for us, a slight easing over the next couple of weeks to what horror for the New Year.   Will 2022 show the Truth and  will  our biggest wish for Christmas and the New Year be  FREEDOM

So here it is to re read and I feel sure that you will be like me and wonder what our governments have been doing for the past 12 months, except more of the same but with more enthusiasm.

It started off with concern and    doubt with regard to a Virus that had been let loose from China.   Quickly developed into a disaster of  how many people are going to die , how are we going to  solve this problem.  ? Premiers  and Leaders around the world all  decided they knew best and proceeded to  curb all activities and gatherings , jobs were lost and  people were told no walking together , no sitting in parks, no going to the beach , then to finish it off ….   Lockdowns!
Locked up in your house or unit, brief visits to the shops , arrested if you tried to do anything slightly different. Some of the photos of the strong armed tactics used on normal everyday people were absolutely disgraceful . Women being handcuffed and manhandled, even those expecting a little baby were treated harshly. Men were thrown to the ground and handcuffed , all in the name of making sure the population did as they were told.

3rd September 2020

Borders to the different States were  closed and too bad if someone needed hospital care or help but had to go a great distance to one in their State,  when just over the border was a hospital they had used in the past.
Oh no,  certainly no exceptions!  Victoria  and the city of Melbourne was the one hardest hit by these very harsh restrictions.    It has been said    that it was for their own protection and welfare .   But the side effects of these very demanding restrictions  led to suicides ,  loneliness, unhappiness , in fact you name any of the things that makes a human being unhappy …    they had it all.  
download 2020 12 18T091911.956 
Up in Queensland we probably had it better than anywhere else in Australia .   Fortunately on the Sunshine Coast we were not subjected to lockdowns  or masks  or harsh restrictions but we were brainwashed into thinking  everyone had the power to infect us with the Virus and we had to keep distance from others.   Move this way  in the Supermarket , stand in line apart from one another.   This went on for the  whole year.   How did we put up with it?

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So, here we are middle of December, Christmas just around the corner ,  borders are open again  , within the Country ,  oh don't forget the quarantine  procedures ,  still in place  but very expensive now .   Which brings me to the other aspect of this Virus.   Visits from family,  visits from friends,  none of that this year.   For the older generation it has been very sad, because speaking for myself I looked forward to the winter visit from my son .   He came for several months every year and caught up a lot of the little household jobs that my late husband used to do.   Gave me  happy company and lots of chats about different things, all the  things that used to be  considered the norm when your husband was still with you.  
I don't think people who haven't suffered the loss of a loved one realise how bereft  you feel when left alone.   How important the visits from your sons and daughters  are  to the wellbeing of us older folk.     All I can say is roll on 2021  and I sincerely hope that is will be a better year for all of us , young and old , than this awful 2020. 
Any of you who were hoping for a visit from your NSW families  and friends that live in the Northern Beaches of Sydney   it has just turned into  a very  disappointing week  with this latest news of border closure between  our two States for selected residents.    Just when we thought we had hope!  No Christmas joy for many of us.

That's how Redhead  feels about this horrible year of dashed hopes and  expectations , it makes me  wonder how it has  affected  you other readers?   

Do you feel the same as I do?  What is your view of 2020?

A whole year later and what has changed?    The vaccinated and the un- vaccinated are segregated , I cannot go to the Library but fortunately  they have provided a service  of delivery to my door.    Maybe taking pity on a poor old lady .. thank you  I do appreciate it.     Who would have thought you would have to ask if you  are welcome to get your car serviced  as an  un-vaxxed person.   Ask is it okay at your hearing specialist etc etc.     Thousands have been  put out of work  , houses have been lost  because of money problems  .    Now we are reading that maybe the Vaccinations are not as safe as  we have all been told.  
This is all after our vulnerable children ..  in our care ..   have been forced in many cases to have the vaccination.  Even our very young ones. So who is going to  take the blame  , who is going to undo the harm,  who is going to put things RIGHT.

 7th December 2021
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