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I remember when I looked forward to tomorrow.   Today was good fun , Yesterday was exciting and tomorrow was something that was full of anticipation.   But what have we got at the moment.   Nothing but more bad news and more impossible things to cope with.   We have medical apartheid and it is getting worse not better.

At least we can take off the masks , at least we can look normal again, smile and show pleasure,  hear what someone is saying  behind that covered mouth.     But the restrictions are still there and they are gathering pace!
Today I went down to the Mobile Library , I have very few pleasures these days except for my books and living in a make believe world of stories.    I have my faithful  old  dog  and  lovely cat … I walk , I do my own housework , I am still fairly able ,   but what was the latest news on the Restrictive Virus front..... If you haven't had the Jab you will not be allowed into the library or the mobile library van.   


Is it the State Government , the local Council or just the Library staff who are deciding who can and cannot enter their doors?  Surely the local councils can reject this?  It is so wrong,   If we ,  who have not had the jab have gone thru' all this time and not had problems why are we going to suddenly succumb  and be a walking germ factory.   We obviously live good clean lives,  keep ourselves healthy , exercise in the fresh clean air  , wash our hands and regularly shower twice a day .   Change our clothing and bedding.   In other words live a good clean and healthy life.

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Why do we have to  have a vaccination ?    Some of us have  concerns as to how it may affect our bodies.    For example I am allergic  to Penicillin ,    I also had a terrible reaction to a blood transfusion ,  there are certain foods I cannot eat without a reaction.   I am very reluctant   to subject my body to something that cannot be undone. Why are Doctors told no exemptions and run the risk of deregistering  if they even suggest  doing what is best for their patient.   Whether this is true or not,  it is what we read in the news.    The news is so biased  , what do you believe .. what is true .. and what is being told to keep us in the dark?
Life at the moment is very sad, there is nothing to look forward to,  everything  has been put on hold and will probably never be the same ever again.      But we like to read, like to watch something on the TV, like to have a few visits from our friends and loved ones,   as we get older so our friends are departing this world and friends are fewer.   Take away what things we are able to do  and what have we left?   Sadness and unhappiness.
For goodness sake can we not be told everything has been done and now we have to try and get back to
a more acceptable way of life .    Kids allowed to be kids again,  people enjoy the company of others , and try and regain the things we took pleasure in 2 years ago.   Because I remember when we looked at blue  skies  and laughed , had fun , teased one another, sang songs together , in other words enjoyed life. 

I have just been very kindly and very helpfully told that from now on I can have a 3 week house to house delivery of ordered books.  they are  to be left in a bag by my front door and I will leave the returned books there to be picked up.   Have we been reduced to this  by our State Caring Government ( it is them that have issued the order of  segregation for the Un-vaccinated ).     I and the other 30 % of Queenslanders who have not been vaccinated are being treated worse than Murderers and the worst of criminals all because we are unable to have something foreign  placed into our bodies.   If they can't kill the oldies  one way they will try another.      Isolate   and treat like  some unclean Germ factory.    This is our  own people doing this to us!
Footnote from Monty:

What's your view on medical apartheid?

George Christensen

Nov 12

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It doesn’t matter whether the States are governed by either the Labor Party or the Liberal and National Parties: they are all segregating people on the basis on whether or not they’ve participated in a medical procedure that is only provisionally approved.

This can aptly be described as medical apartheid.

The Liberals and Nationals have done it in New South Wales and Labor are doing it in Victoria (with gusto). To an extent, it is also being deployed with government-imposed ‘no jab, no job’ mandates in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Now, it’s Queensland’s turn, with the Palaszczuk Labor Government banning non-vaccinated residents from being full participants in society from 17 December. From that date, I will personally be joining the ranks of the new “untouchables” in this modern caste system, unable to set foot in a pub, club, café, restaurant, cinema, theatre, art gallery, museum, sports stadium and many other venues.

Basically, they’ve Victoria’ed my Queensland.

The solution

There is a solution to this mess and it lies with the Australian Government. The only way state governments (and, indeed, private corporations) can find out someone’s vaccination status is via data from the myGov app, the My Health Record website or the Australian Immunisation Register - all of them owned and controlled by the Australian Government. It would take a simple stroke of a pen to say to state governments and private corporations that they could not use any of that data for the purposes of discrimination against the public.

In a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt that I wrote almost a year ago, I asked them to “consider legislation or regulation to ban coercive measures by private companies or state governments that seek to restrict service to those who choose not to receive the vaccine.” Obviously, they didn’t consider it, but the reality of the new medical apartheid means that they now should. Immediately. The time to act on this matter is long overdue.


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