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Back in January, Gillette decided to destroy its brand. 

We have an old family saying " Whose bright idea was this ? " when something goes terribly wrong. And there must be a few people at Gillette now saying that phrase as the company announces an $8 billion loss in the second quarter. 

At the time, it seemed a crazy idea: make an ad that attacks all those that buy your product. Tell them that they are nasty brutes who need to stop being sexist bullies.

Within days of the release of the " Woke " ad, it received over 600,000 downvotes. It now sits at in excess of 1.5 million. 

My question is this : Why the hell do these companies insist on alienating and insulting their customers in order to appease a small minority who probably don't buy their products anyway?


In the ad, it featured a whole lot of white guys who were being insenstive bastards and quite a few really nice black guys who were so woke it was actually painful to endure. Check it out below:

What these idiots don’t realise is that when people boycott a brand, they very rarely go back.  People search out alternatives and, once they find their replacement, they stick with it.

When Target announced its transgender open bathroom policy back in 2016, I stopped going. I have never set foot in a Target store since.  People boycotted NFL when Colin Kaepernick decided to insult the American flag and they haven’t gone back. They started mowing lawns, having barbeques with the family and playing with the kids in the backyard. They found that they enjoyed it and the stadiums have never really recovered from the fallout.

I have boycotted many things, companies, shops and brands because I have made a stand on principle. Once I leave, I never ever go back.  There are many people like me. Around the world, from different countries and different socio economic backgrounds, some of us can be a stubborn lot. And I am damned proud of that streak in me that stands up for and beside the decisions I make.

It seems to me that Gillette have simply changed their target market from normal men who have jobs, female wives, kids and goldfish….. to people like that weird Canadian who wears women’s dresses and wants her balls waxed. I mean, seriously, is Jonathan also known as Laurel Hubbard ever going to buy a Gillette razor and shave his own balls? I doubt it. And is Colin Kaepernick going to race down to the store and grab a pack of Gillette to shave his head? I don’t think so.

The women and the soyboys who applaud the “ woke “ ads are not really going to queue up to buy blades are they? After all, most soy boys have bum fluff on their faces and still live in the basement, rarely surfacing to eat, let alone bathe, shower or shave.

So what is it with these brands that decide to appease the bum fluff soy boy feminazi brigade and estrange the dudes who actually used to buy their product? Is there some other reason? Do they actually want to stuff their market share, close the company down and write it all off as a tax loss?

I seem to recollect a cruise company in Australia that decided to withdraw its advertising from Skynews because the Sky team were too right wing.  The leftie luvvies all applauded their bold decision and thought that the company was fantastic. But how many leftie luvvies pay $10 grand for a bloody cruise?  

I have never been in to Starbucks in my life. I have heard that their coffee tastes like dandruff and costs a bomb. Yet they decided to put the welcome mat out for the druggies and the down and out. Punters who are prepared to pay a small fortune for a cup of foot dander and dandruff might be content to party on with discarded syringes and drugged out zombies, but it seems to me that it was not the wisest business decision this century.

Yet these companies line up to crank out ads that the silent majority find offensive, nauseating and insulting. They appear to do it to get brownie points from the vocal few who don’t have a disposable income, let alone a job.

No, the only thing I can come up with is that they are so open minded that their brains have fallen out. What do you think?

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