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The marriage vows are on the rocks between Australians and their governments. The passive aggressive tactics have now been made public and the whole world sees the Australian leaders for what they are: petty little bullies who have overplayed their hands and may finally be headed for the divorce courts.

  Several decades ago, I knew someone - a friend - who was married to a passive aggressive.  She lost a family unit and it was one of the hardest things that she had ever had to confront , deal with and overcome. To finally realise that she had been lied to, manipulated, used and aggrieved. 


We all saw it but, try as we might, she would not believe us. The reason I want to talk with you about this is that we have, as citizens, just gone through and are still enduring this kind of abusive marriage where the aggressor rewards and punishes and the victim is grateful for the reward and accepts the punishment as " justified. "

Our leaders are now in the guilt stage:  where they hand out a bunch of flowers in the form of a picnic,  or a drink in a pub, or even a playground opened.... and we are now in that moment where we know things are bad, suspect that there is " another woman " and know, instinctively that we are being lied to and the flowers are going to die long before the credit card bill arrives.

And I have a horrible feeling that Australians are being given a few dandelions, dressed in ribbons but laced with weedkiller. 

These lockdowns, " freedoms given back " ... they concern me. All " for our own good. " 

We have seen our governments betray us and let us down. Hurt us, all the while sending flowers, telling us that they love us, care for us and thank us for being so, well, amazing citizens.

It is a funny old world these days. I almost feel like we are in a passive aggressive relationship with our governments whereby they speak calmly, kindly and all the while are abusing us and making us grateful for their protection. 

My friend spent many years in a passive aggressive relationship. Married to man others adored and thought was the bees knees. " How lucky you are! " they would exclaim. And she would smile and agree that, yes. She was very lucky indeed. 

He was so patient. Any time he saw her do something wrong, he would gently explain that it wasn't her fault; she was just a bit stupid and thank goodness she had him to help her out. After all, it was clear she needed his guidance.

We tried to tell her. But she wouldn't listen.

As time passed, she became increasingly insecure, nervous and unsure of what she did or said. Her self confidence all but disappeared and she found that the most common word in her vocabulary was " Sorry. "

Much like Australians today.

" Sorry " we messed up and didn't wear a mask.

" Sorry " we didn't stay home. 

" Sorry " we wanted to work.

" Sorry " we spoke out and dared to question our wise and caring government.

If we do not apologise, do as we are told  and be good little citizens, we suffer a thing she learned too frequently " the consequences. "


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The consequences were unpleasant. Shaming. Guilt. Public Ridicule. Punishment " no , you can't have the car. " or " no, I am concerned you aren't well so I think you should stay home so I can take care of you. "

Australia, get out of this passive aggressive relationship with your governments! Now! 

Do not wait and hope that things will change and things will get back to normal.



When my friend's marriage broke down and the blinkers fell off, her ex begged her forgiveness. She spoke with a valued friend and asked him for his opinion.

He said

" Your relationship was a bone china teacup and saucer.  Always fragile. It dropped and broke. You can glue it back together and no one will ever see the breaks.

But the cracks will always be there. "

She told me, later, that she listened and mulled his words over and decided  that it was indeed over. 

The teacup may look the same but she knew that the cracks were there and she would always be waiting for it to shatter again.

It was the teacup that broke the bully's back and well done that man for his sage words.

My personal feeling is that this marriage that ended was never a bone china teacup in the first place. It was always cracked and weak from the beginning.

But the point of my story is not to debate teacups but to consider relationships.

Is a relationship between a government truly any different to that which we, the People,  have with our husband or wife?

It is based on trust, love, fidelity and honesty. It is based on mutual commitment, respect and hard work.


It exemplifies that protection is not subjugation and that only together will the marriage prosper.

When one or other party in a marriage decides to bully, blackmail, run rough shod or punish the other for having a differing point of view, then the marriage is over.

Our governments have cheated on us. They have lied to us. They have bullied us. They have treated us like fools and betrayed their wedding vows to us. 

They have pretended to protect us, but all that they have done is turn us into victims. Urging us to be grateful for their protection, " wisdom and superior knowledge."

They have broken the teacup and I doubt that the glue will hold. Alas, I suspect that we will be faced with drinking from cheap Chinese mugs, becoming Chinese mugs or both of the above.

No matter what, we are drinking from a poisoned chalice.




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