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A few days ago, we were concerned about what is happening around the world, and, in particular, in Melbourne Australia.

The Premier of Victoria decided to close down all construction sites for two weeks. Needless to say, the tradies were not best pleased.
In fact, they got out their fluoro vests, their boots and they did a Nancy Sinatra and said " OK Boots. Start walking. "
And walk they did. Mile after mile throughout Melbourne. 


Well, poor old Big Ears aka Comrade Dan aka Dan the Dickhead aka Dan the Destroyer aka Dan the Deplorable, just made himself a comic book hero.

And it all happened because God decided to sort the bugger out.
A day after Dan the Man decided to do a Debbie Downer on the Tradies by closing them down and telling them they could not work; old mate God decided to fire a warning shot.

Yes, God sent an Earthquake to Melbourne. Unheard of for many a year.
Buildings suffered damage.  People got rattled.
And I suspect that Dickhead Dan is rattling and quivering in HIS boots right now.
Talk about an " oops " moment.

Who is going to clean up the mess? The Tradies who are not allowed to work?

God and his many souls in Heaven must be laughing their socks off right now as Danny Boy decides how to get out of the box canyon that HE created and try to head to the Acme shed and find something, anything to blow up those pesky roadrunners who flooded Melbourne streets.


I don't know about you, but I just love this scenario. Thankfully, no one died. No one was injured.

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But I cannot help but smile and take a toast and say " Well done, God. "
You see, we have many loved ones in Heaven.
Over recent times, I have wondered how our past loved ones must feel, sitting in the theatre and watching this movie play out.  Because it is like a movie. Only no one ( I hope ) has written the ending yet.
Maybe God is getting emails from his followers ( and he has a LOT of followers ) saying " can you please do something? Please?
And maybe, just maybe, he has decided to tell us all that if we don't play by HIS rules, we could get sent to the sin bin.
I reckon an earthquake in Melbourne the day after a human who thinks he is god decides to play with people's lives.... well, I just reckon he is telling us who is REALLY in charge.

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Let us pray I am right.

In the meantime, Nancy can talk about the importance of boots.



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