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I am a reasonably lucky person, I have a piano and am still able to play and enjoy letting my mind dwell on pleasant sounds and remembering lovely words.   I no longer have my crooner singing the romantic words but I can hear them in my mind and on my many recordings.   It is called escape in today's muddled world.  Somewhere where you can lose yourself for an hour or two and remember life with joy before it became endurance.  Somewhere to smile and dance to the beat of what we used to have. 
If I read about another lockdown or hear lectures about  border  restrictions, children kept from hospital, or separated from parents  for whatever reason  I think I am ready to explode!   
Vaccination passports, getting the jab, wearing masks, police being bullies and attacking innocent people.

When,   oh when is it ever going to end.?

Then you hear qualified Doctors from overseas talking about the negative effects of the vaccination.  I don't think our Doctors are allowed to voice a negative opinion or else they are threatened with deregistration.   Can you believe it has come to that. 

What is the hold that is over the "Powers that be" that they will not allow people to have an opinion  , to have a voice, to in many cases say "no"  to having something that has not been truly tested injected into their bodies.

According to Natural News, Medical authorities in Australia have suspended a doctor in Sydney because of his social media posts that criticized how medical authorities were treating COVID-19 patients and questioned the effectiveness of vaccines and lockdowns.

Dr. Paul Oosterhuis, an Australian anesthetist who has been practicing medicine for over 30 years, had to present himself to the Medical Council of New South Wales (MCNSW) for questioning. The medical council works with the Ministry of Health of New South Wales to receive and manage complaints regarding individual doctors and other medical practitioners in the state. 

“Over the last 18 months, I have been increasingly concerned about the misinformation and censorship creeping into science and medicine,” said Oosterhuis.

In one of the posts, Oosterhuis urged medical authorities to tell COVID-19 patients to take vitamin D, zinc and to treat their patients with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

In other posts, Oosterhuis questioned the evidence used by the Australian government to justify its repressive lockdowns and mask mandates. He called lockdowns “totalitarian,” and said they were causing “massive damage society-wide.” 

Finally, Oosterhuis also posted content on his social media accounts that pointed out that vaccines have low effectiveness and there are serious risks and harms to taking them. One of the dangers he pointed out was the possibility of antibody-dependent enhancement. This is when antibodies produced by vaccines are insufficient at dealing with the disease. Instead of defeating the disease, the antibodies help it become deadlier.

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“The risk of antibody-dependent enhancement of disease … driven by immune escape from the selective evolutionary pressure of vaccinating with a non-sterilizing agent is a real and present danger and needs to be discussed,” wrote Oosterhuis. “The danger to millions is distressing me, and discussing that danger is, I believe, unarguably in the public interest.”

The MCNSW flagged Oosterhuis’ social media activity. They asked him to attend an “immediate action panel” on Sept. 3. This is one of the most serious panels the council can call up. This action is only used when the council believes “a complaint or notification prompts serious concerns about risk to public safety or the need to otherwise act in the public interest.”

On Sept. 3, the MCNSW released a statement confirming that the council had met with Oosterhuis and that it has decided to suspend the doctor’s medical registration.

In its statement, the council said it suspended Oosterhuis “in order to protect the health and safety of the public and to maintain confidence in the medical profession.”

The medical council has the power to suspend medical practitioners in New South Wales under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW). But the council pointed out that this law does not grant it punitive powers and it does not have the ability to de-register Oosterhuis and take away his medical license. But the suspension already prevents him from practicing medicine.

The MCNSW refused to make any further public statements on the matter. It has referred Oosterhuis’ suspension with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

AHPRA confirmed that it had received concerns regarding medical professionals who failed to meet the agency’s code of conduct obligations.

“Experience tells us that most practitioners, when concerns are raised directly with them, modify their behavior to become compliant,” wrote a spokesperson to The Epoch Times. “In a small number of cases, national boards are likely to take action to ensure the actions of the practitioner do not place the public at risk of harm.”

Oosterhuis has indicated he will not change his behavior to be more compliant. He said he plans to appeal the suspension.

“I am very disappointed by the Medical Council’s decision to suspend my registration,” he wrote on his social media accounts. “The material I submitted in support of my evidence-based concerns was not considered. I intend to appeal the decision.”


When the   Premiers or their off siders can say they will line up kids and  inject them with something their parents object to , it is so wrong.      I have just  listened to a very disturbing  talk about children being made blind and deaf with the injection.   What parent could risk that on their child.   What Government   could in all conscience take that gamble.     heart conditions.     Whether this is absolutely true or not,  how can we as a people accept  something that even .. might.. be absolutely correct?     
As an adult we can make that decision.   But, only after extensive and honest testing can we insist that our children should be vaccinated .   If a parent wants to take that responsibility and  risk a long term disability on their child , they are the ones who are going to have to look after and live with that decision.   And the  feelings of the distressed child who will never forgive them.

It is time that we as a people  stick up for what we believe and insist that a more thorough testing  of these vaccines be done so that we can safely say  Yes or No.     In between times  stop these mandatory   orders  and allow the individual to make their own choices .     Because it seems to me that since the vaccinations have been thrust upon everyone     the situation of increased numbers of cases has got far worse  , almost as if that is  causing  the  infection to be spread around.  
“I think people are getting quite agitated right out there now outside there Pete, and those anti-vaxxers out there, that 20 or 30 per cent, ah, the ones out there ah protesting on the streets and doing that sort of thing, I think you’re going to find the rest of us coming at you lock, stock and barrel, ah, and we’re going to be putting the pressure on you fairly hard because the rest of us that are trying to do the right thing by the country, and our kids, and get vaccinated and do the right thing, um, I think for you we’re going to start getting even more agitated and we’re going to start getting more hardcore and I think that’s what you’re going to see massive division out there, ah, and it’ll be us on the front foot, that’s what I think’s gonna happen, I think the tide is going to turn, on those anti-vaxxers out there and you are really gunna feel the heat.

How disgracefuI for an Australian Senator to threaten people like me who are worried about these vaccines.
Not to mention making people wear masks.


I   will say it again ,   and again, there is nothing like fresh air, a beach , a park, exercise and freedom to keep people healthy,  happy and wise.

Nothing like romantic and  beautiful music to keep the joy and make you forget the painful endurance of life today.

Yes. it is time to change the beat and dance again. 



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