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September 11th 2001 is one of those days one never forgets. It was a strange night down under - I couldn't sleep. Here I was, thousands of miles away from New York City and tossing and turning in bed and feeling unsettled. I finally got up and put the kettle on and made a cup of tea. I turned on the television and saw a science fiction movie was playing. It showed a scene of New York and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were on fire and people were screaming. I wondered what kind of sick mind could make a movie about something so dreadful. Then I realised I was on the news channel and it was real. 

 As the horror unfolded I sat, teacup in hand, on my couch in Queensland Australia, and could not believe the horror that was unfolding in New York City. 

I believe that every person in the world remembers that day: where they were, who they were with, what they felt and how that scene of mayhem played out on a previously invincible and unassailable America.

Many tears were shed that day and many more in the 20 years since it occurred. 

I have often wondered What WAS going through the mind of the then President?


So many theories have been put forward over the past 20 years. It is not the purpose of this article to comment on those theories; suffice to say it was a dark day for America and the world.


I have thought how it was ominous that Bush was at a school that day and how the lives of all children throughout the world, changed forever.

Incidentally, only two days later, a man named Donald Trump stepped forward.


But, no matter how many helped out, how many perished, how many grieved, one thing was for certain:

We were no longer safe from Islamist Terrorists.

As a result of this ghastly day, America went to war in Afghanistan. 


Still, I did not know then what impact Afghanistan would have on our lives all these years later. A country that I had knowledge of, but not really given any great thought to - was suddenly front and centre and would remain so for decades to come.

This fateful event has been like a dark shadow over us all for two decades and thousands of lives have been lost, destroyed, damaged and tainted by one single moment in the photograph album we call our minds.

Since then, we have seen so many terrorist attacks that we have become comfortably numb to the outrage, the slaughter and the brutality that has followed. Yes, since that day there have been over 37,000 deadly attacks carried out by radical Islamists.


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Suicide bombings are everywhere and we have seen our nations globally changed forever by mass migration from war-torn middle eastern and African nations... only to change the fabric of our own societies.

Our religious rights have been put under question. Our languages questioned as non inclusive. Our thoughts on marriage and " child brides " ( a term that I find as abhorrent today as the first time I heard it)  have been forever altered because of ONE DAY.

Entire suburbs in cities throughout the world now have " enclaves " of " no go " areas and it has become offensive to be nationalistic and proud of one's own heritage.

Yes, the 11th of September was a life changing moment for us all.

20 years later, America, under the Biden Presidency, has left the Taliban with an incredibly well equipped army and, thanks to President Obama, led by people who had been imprisoned but set free in order to secure the release of Bowe Bergdahl...I feel somehow that many of us wonder what on earth these so called leaders were sniffing, drinking or eating when they decided to spend 20 years creating the monster that is now Afghanistan.

It seems cruel to me that we ( the free world ) gave Afghanistan back their voice and the ability to throw away their burkas, only to be thrown under the bus by a seemingly uncaring American government.

What have we learned or gained from this situation?

That it was all in vain, and worse still, it has empowered the enemy with money, wealth, equipment, and knowledge, and meanwhile, our own people are suffering under increasingly oppressive rule and denial of basic freedoms.

As our lives become more tolerant of Islam and more intolerant of the citizens, I must ask the question:

Who did this to us? Our leaders? Or ourselves by allowing it to happen? 



As a chap on Gab said " Biden turned our Afghan exit into a complete catastrophe. 13 Americans were killed. "

He then droned an innocent aid worker and 7 children. 

And he's running out of patience with Americans who won't vax. " - Major Patriot. 

It pretty much says it all really. 

Our civilisations are crumbling under the banner of political correctness, critical race theory, terrorism and invasion by militant religious zealots and all we can think about is who is getting the jab.

I read this comment on Breitbart.com and it sums up so much:

" Bush 43 began the boulder rolling down the mountain by stating, "Islam is a religion of peace." He then demanded sweeping Federal surveillance authority to spy on all (non-Muslim) Americans.

With passage of the Patriot Act, the SWAMP has been able to circumvent and ignore Amendments 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the Bill of Rights. Only Amendment 3 survives intact. Further, the Patriot Act paved the way for future unconstitutional SWAMP overreaches, including but not limited to, mask and vaccine mandates as well as eviction moratoriums. However, I would suggest the CDC-imposed eviction moratoriums violated the spirit, if not the letter, of the 3rd Amendment.

Politicians used 9/11 to their benefit. While accomplishing nothing, the White House and Congress spent trillions and enriched the military industrial complex as well as NATO allies. The disgraceful Afghanistan withdrawal highlights the fecklessness and incompetence of the SWAMP and the Pentagon.

So, here we stand 20 years later--considerably poorer and virtual prisoners in our own homes. "

We are asked to embrace those who hate us and turn our backs on those who fought for us, died for us and loved us.

We allow statutes to be removed and allow statues to be erected to those who are against us. We commemorate a thug more than truly innocent bystanders.


How much longer before this one is removed because it " offends " the new migrants? 

I wonder.






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