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The whole debate over the Bible stories is often held up for ridicule by those who believe that the most popular book ever written is a load of tosh and well, simply laughable.

Yet, strangely enough, the very people who scoff at the wisdom of The Bible, are the first to believe in the book of Biden and the forbidden jab in the Garden of Pfizer.

When Flysa made this comment recently on his brilliant piece about Mythology, the Greeks, and how very pretty Helen of Troy must have been, I suddenly NEEDED to put my fingers onto the keyboard and discuss this very interesting point.

So much of our Bible history is based on fact. So much is also based on stories, passed down and recorded many years after they were first whispered, sung or told over the embers of a dying fire in the halls or deserts of ancient history.

So let us look to the most famous of our Bible Stories and have a think about what they could possibly mean.

It seems to me that the natural place to start is the Garden of Eden.

It was literally paradise. Adam and Eve were free to wander, enjoy the wonder of their world; they had ample fire and food; they spent their days working and their evenings snuggled up canoodling and wondering if something as wondrous as pizza home delivery or microwave meals could ever be possible.

Life was pretty good. 



The Book of Genesis is often the first port of call for the criticism and critique of agnostics and atheists. The idea of a talking snake holding up an apple and saying to Eve " Go on... you know you want to... it will give you freedom!  " and Adam thinking to himself " Don't do it Eve. I reckon we should just stay living in peace love and harmony and having lots of cuddles and just having a rather jolly time here. " 


But the snake said to Eve " Do you realise that if I give you an apple, you could get online and chat with people in gardens all around the world? "

" Yeah, suits me mate " Eve said ( (I don't know if you are aware that The Garden of Eden was actually in Australia, hence, Eve's use of Aussie vernacular ) and she said to the serpent.

"  Why not? "

With that, she took the apple, opened it up and went online.


 Eve suddenly discovered social media and started to follow Hillary Clinton, Big Mike, the Squad and MSM. She put her pretty, naked and dainty little foot down and said to herself " Why should I listen to a man? What does he know? He can't even get rid of the snake from the garden! Plus, I'm cold and I want some pretty clothes and, in all honesty, Hell, I would settle for a fig leaf as long as it was sustainably harvested. "


Adam got a massive bill from the Amazon where Fig leaves were grown by slave labour but shipped to China where they were stitched into Designer label Fig Leaves branded under such names as Environmentally Sustainable and, before too long, things went from bad to worse. 


Adam and Eve broke up, and their sons hooked up with some young ladies from the Land of Nod. 

There has been much debate as to how the sons of God could have headed off to marry the daughters of Man and then procreate their way throughout the world. Leading us to the current state of affairs.



All I can say is that I still reckon Eve shouldn't have eaten that damned apple. And I think that Adam agrees that Eve made a bad decision. Things went downhill after she ate that damned apple.

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Which brings me back to The Forbidden Jab in the Garden of Pfizer.

We are being told to take a jab. It will give us freedom. We will get to live. Go to shops and buy whatever figleaf our heart desires. We could even go to the Land of Nod if that is what we would like to do.


Yet, in the Bible story, it was the snake that God punished when he said that the snake would crawl on its belly for the rest of time. Perhaps that is yet to happen.  

This brings me, strangely,  back to Greek Mythology.

Heavens, even Paris decided that a bribe would work well. 


When the Trojan Horse was trotted into Troy, we, like the people of mythical legend, ignored the snake, took the apple and somewhere, out there, there are millions of men saying

" Why did we let them in? "

 Why? Why have we allowed this rot into our garden of Eden?  We were happy. We had paradise.

 Unfortunately, we have millions of others ready to bite the apple and sell Paradise for a bite of an Apple that offers paradise but actually yields  like Adam and Eve and the people of Troy found out, nothing but a bite and a snack before the rot sets in.


 The forbidden jab in the garden of Pfizer

Imagine being thousands of years in the future and trying to tell today's story to a group of nomadic people in the desert ? 





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