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The Drones are out there every day and every night. Patrolling.

I was speaking with Redhead this morning and she informed me that there was a new image of her home up on the internet - and my little Getz was parked outside her home. Google Earth or some drone was sneaking around taking snapshots and she was quite gleeful to tell me how lovely her house looked. Wasn't the shrubbery looking lovely? Didn't the driveway look clean and well tended? 

Well, Redhead, aka Mum, you should be very thankful that the photo captured a little Getz and not the backyard shower.

Maybe it is because showers are on my mind at the moment - I got the bill from the nice plumber, by the way and it didn't break my heart or my bank account so that was good news.

Years ago, when Dad was still with us, he would have a shower outside in the ( fully fenced and private ) backyard and happily soap up in the nuddie after a swim down the beach. I wonder how she would have felt had the drone come flying over and sneak a cheeky snap of Dad is his birthday suit wearing nothing but the family jewels?

Of course, on face value, it is an innocent little drone flying over residential properties to capture the beauty of the shrubbery and the pretty little Getz parked illegally outside her home.

By the way, I have checked the photo and it is impossible to tell if the car is parked or simply driving by - I am prepared to swear on a stack of Bibles that I was driving passed and that I was simply admiring the shrubbery. Definitely NOT illegally parked across her very clean driveway.

But, moving on, I then popped in to have a look at twitter and saw some footage of a poor fellow in Melbourne who had been caught breaking the curfew. From what I can gather, it was after 8 o'clock at night ( curfew starts at 8 pm ) and he was sprung out on his driveway. The Police arrived and the poor bugger was suddenly the number one most wanted in Melbourne.

He had forgotten to put his bins out.

I have put the video clip below - it starts at about the two minute mark, but the whole thing is worth a watch.


It got me thinking: how did the cops get there so fast? A nosy neighbour? A drone?

I have a friend who makes drones and has done for some decades. His focus has been on Real Estate aerial photos and using them to fly over cattle properties to check the location of stock.

Not to spy on innocent citizens putting their bloody rubbish bins out!

This is a can of worms.

Redhead has a friend in Spain and apparently they are using drones to make sure that people maintain quarantine measures. How sick is this?

What place are we living in where a drone can fly over your home and take photographs of you in your own backyard or of your own property without your permission?

Is the backyard shower off limits these days because some drone could capture an image of you that you would prefer not to be shared with the world?

While Redhead was, at first, delighted to see an image of her home on the internet for all to see, she soon wondered just how happy she would have been if that image had been snapped of the out door shower?

And, no, the outdoor shower is no longer there. It was dismantled some years ago.

But the fact still remains. How can the cops grab a bloke in suburban Melbourne within seconds of his wheeling the bins down the driveway?

And why are drones allowed to fly over our homes without our permission?

Dad could take a shower in his own backyard, behind his fences, secure in the knowledge that it was PRIVATE property.

Is there any such thing as private any more? Or are we all being watched. All the time. Every single minute of every day.

In 2020 we call them Drones. In 1984 he was known as Big Brother.

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