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Just say ....  that you were a young shepherd in the Holy Land thousands of years ago. You were watching your flocks by night or, as I and my friends used to say, washing your socks by night.

Suddenly, something came out of the sky. An angel. A vision of extraordinary beauty and wonder. Something to behold and fear, yet bow down in reverence at such a thing to see.

My late father used to play the " Just say... game " when we were kids. Normally, at bath time. The best time of the day. We became the three little pigs. We were the three bears. 

We were the three little ducks. 

All the while, Dad told us stories that made us laugh, giggle and feel happy and loved.

Meanwhile, Redhead was in the kitchen cooking up  roast ( never vegemite on toast)  


 OK I wandered off topic. 

Smack myself over the wrist.

So let's get back to old mate Shep sitting on a hillside and seeing something pretty bloody amazing: an angel of fire heading out of the sky.

Just say it really happened.

Just say. 

A creature so wonderful yet terrifying. You would, should you be a forward-thinking sort of chap, race off to the website " Shepherd's Watch " and report your moment in time. 

You would be flooded with comments from such trolls as "angels don't exist " and be downvoted. Old mate Marcus Zuckerbergius would ban you and you would be sent to the Sheep Drench. 

Books would be written about what you saw that night. They would become part of a best seller marketed under the name " The Bible. "

Thousands of years later, your night that recorded a snapshot in time would still be told throughout the Holy Land and throughout the world.  


Songs would be written and your vision would forge on long after you passed from this world to the next.


But I wonder, just wonder, if time could leak?


Just say, if somehow time hit a speedbump and someone from 2021 ended up back in Ancient lands and some poor shepherd saw something that was quite different?

Imagine if " Back to the future " was real or " Dr Who " was real and time was just an illusion or something that could, like Flysa, sometimes have an oop's moment? 

Just say it was 2021 and  Lockheed AC 130 suddenly popped through the sky and some poor pilot didn't realise that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Talk about an oops moment.

I tell you what, if I was a shepherd watching my flocks by night, I don't know about washing my socks.

I'd be washing my jocks.



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