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I watched a short video this morning of a 100 year old veteran who broke down in tears at what the world had become. 

It broke my heart to see him so full of despair and grief. As one person said " Thank God for seniors who've served who can tell us firsthand about history and give us their wisdom. Thank You Marine and World War II veteran Carl Dekel. Happy 100th birthday. These aren't the selfish tears of someone who never grew up ... we see too much of that. This is the despair of someone who loves, knows and cares."

And that is about it in a nutshell .

Some of the comments are so much more eloquent and powerful than i could ever write, so I put them here for you to read... and then to weep.

" My father was a Proud firstborn American. He went to high school. In his senior year, he did not sign yearbooks; He signed Enlistment papers.

He did not wear a cap and gown; He wore a Navy Uniform.

He was not handed a diploma, he was handed a gun.

He did not hear, “you are now prepared to go out into the world, good luck.” He heard, “you are now prepared to go out and SAVE the World; May God keep you alive.”

He did not listen to loud jukebox music. He listened to bombs bursting, damaging his hearing.

He did not watch movies in the theater. He was in the Pacific Theater, watching boys die from the deck of a battleship.

He lived in the Depression, slept in the basement, at 8, sold papers for $ for his dad. He wasn't adult, sleeping in the basement living off his dad. " 

" God bless you, Carl Spurlin Dekel. You are 100% correct: "This is NOT the country we fought for"; it's becoming the kind of country we fought against in WWII. " 


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