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Today we remember Lieutenant Marcus Sean Case, 27.

Lieutenant Case 8254464 was accidentally killed in a Helicopter Crash in Zabul Province, Afghanistan during Operation Slipper 30 May 2011. He was taking part in a routine mission when the helicopter was forced to make an uncontrolled landing.

A former commando, Lieutenant Case, was deployed to the RAAF's Heron detachment at Kandahar as an operator of the unmanned spy plane that flies surveillance missions to support Australian forces.

He had only recently arrived in Afghanistan and was on a familiarisation flight in the Chinook when he died.

At his funeral, Marcus was remembered by all who spoke at his funeral as an exceptional young man bursting with life. It was said that his greatest dreams were to serve his country and to fly and that at the time of his death he was doing both.

His Commander, Jonathan McMullan shared about Lieutenant Case: " he brought significant experience to operations in Afghanistan. He was a well-respected commando prior to commissioning as an Army Pilot. He was a ranga (redhead) with a personality second to none,… With a smile to disarm at a thousand yards, that would make ladies go weak at the knees, a talented pilot, a larrikin, but above all, a mate. …He believed in why we are here and he is in an overwatch position now."

Marcus family shared him:


“Marcus was larger than life. He was a fun-loving but gentle and much loved member of our family. Marcus was the youngest of six very close brothers and sisters who adored each other and spent as much time together as they could.

Marcus was also the sparkle to his number one fans, his Mum and Dad.

Marcus was born to fly and spent a lifetime dedicated and focused on achieving his goal of being an Army Combat Aviator. Along the way, Marcus studied at Xavier College and was a brilliant rugby player, later representing Australia in New Zealand, Ireland, UK and Canada.

As a Reservist, he began studies in Science at Melbourne University but deferred to enter the Army full-time. Shortly thereafter, he began training for the Army Commandos and as a Commando, was deployed to East Timor. Also around this time, he began his pilot training.

Marcus will be sorely missed by his loving and very proud family as well as his large group of supportive friends”

He has been awarded the Australian Service Medal with Clasp Timor-Leste and the Australian Defence Medal also the Australian Active Service Medal with ICAT Clasp, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal and the NATO ISAF Medal.

During Lieutenant Case's service in the Australian Army, they deployed him on the following Operations:

OPERATION ASTUTE (East Timor) (Jun 2007– Sep 2007)
OPERATION Queensland FLOOD ASSIST (Queensland) – Jan 2011
OPERATION SLIPPER (Afghanistan) - May 2011

His sacrifice will never be forgotten.

‘Lest We Forget’

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with grateful thanks to Rod Hutchings

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