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80+ million "Americans" were robbed of the franchise is broad daylight, and they did nothing.

Millions of "Americans" were injected with genetic poisons, and they did nothing.

Our destroyers caused 9 months of riots, which resulted in 2 billion dollars in damages and 26 people dead, and "Americans" did nothing.

Our destroyers put people in jail for years because they showed up to a protest on January 6th, and "Americans" do nothing.

Today's "Americans" are so dumb that they will continue to vote using the same machines our destroyers used to disenfranchise them in 2020. Then, they whine about having their votes stolen, again.

Today's "Americans" watch as their military is weakened, genetically poisoned, demoralized and purged of real patriots.

Yet, they do nothing.

Hey, "Americans", you are already defeated. You have already forfeited the franchise, your health/lives, your livelihoods, your children, your futures, your republic, etc., etc., etc. Just give up your f cking guns and get it over with!!! Maybe your new masters will show some mercy and grant you a quick death.

You allow your white children to be abused in their schools because they are white.

You allow your police (400 of them in Uvalde) to standby and do nothing while your children, terrified and alone, are slaughtered like pigs.

You won't even defend your children in their schools.

Your males have been castrated.

Your females have been turned into baby-killing wh res.

Is there anything you won't tolerate? Is there any time that you wouldn't bend over for our destroyers?

It's hard to watch. But today's "Americans" don't deserve a free republic. They are sorry. They are weak. They are spoiled rotten. They are ignorant. There is nothing sacred to them.

"Americans" are ready to be defeated from without now.

I said it right here on this website over five years ago: We are going to war with Russia/China. We have been set up to LOSE this war. All the destruction that today's "Americans" have ALLOWED to take place over the years was just our destroyers preparing the battlefield.

I believe that it's already over. Globalists win. The "Chinese Model" is the future of the people formerly called, "Americans".

republished with permission from a comment online. 

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