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Today, I have learned that the Supreme Court of the United States has decided in its " wisdom " that it won't hear the evidence relating to the alleged fraud in the recent American elections. I found it peculiar that they said that the situation was MOOT. In this context, it says that it doesn't matter anymore because the states agreed with the decision and confirmed the election results -  it does not need to be dealt with, because Sniffy Joe and the Henchmen ( sounds like a great name for a pop group ) have been approved and that is an end to it. 

" Something has happened that solves the issue. " 

MOOT has muted us. 

UUSA 04152020

Sniffy Joe and the Henchmen. Copyright George Soros

No doubt the millions in Cambodia under Pol Pot would be happy that their genocide " solved the issues " and the Jews in Europe under Hitler who went to their deaths " solved the issue. " 

pol pot and skulls

Humanity has been " solving the issue " for centuries. 

75 million Americans and many more around the world do not agree that it is a MOOT point. In fact we believe that, just because the states agreed to condone the fraud and the band known as  " Silver Fox and the 30 pieces of silver " wimped off from ensuring justice was done and seen to be done; it doesn't make it right. In fact, it made it rather peculiar.

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quote from band member. They obviously valued his work. 

Should a jury be found compromised, a retrial is ordered. If evidence is tampered with, a retrial is ordered. 

But, apparently, in Sniffy Joe's America, it is  MOOT. Some poor person has been falsely convicted of murder and the jury is found to be made up of Sniffy's chums; well, that's just bad luck. In fact, it is just MOOT.

We can't do anything because it's MOOT. 

Well, that has got me to thinking. Does this mean that the slave owners and slave traders in America and Britain; the people who arrived in Australia as part of the First Fleet and those that arrived on the Mayflower at Plymouth all those years ago; the claims of Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals that they must have reparations because of an injustice from centuries ago ... does this mean that, just because we can't do anything about it, it is MOOT?

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Is MOOT going to be the Sniffy word that abdicated all responsibility? Does this mean that the decisions to convict Nazi's who were condemned to death at Nuremberg for the crimes that they carried out against millions of Jews were illegal because it was MOOT? Nothing could change what happened so it is MOOT?

I have to say that I think one of the worst words in the English language today has suddenly become " MOOT. "

For myself, I have another word that I would use and it is not MOOT.

It is F##ked. 

It is a good word because it is not racist. It is not political. In fact, these days, it is not even offensive. yet it is still censored because it is probably the most honest word in the English language today.

The election results in America are f#ked.

Our lives are f#ked. 

This vaccine rollout is f#ked. 

Our politicians and public servants are f#ked.

Donald Trump, the REAL President of America has been f#ked over and we, the people have been f##ked over.

Unborn babies are being f##ked and the Supreme Court can go and get f##ked as can most governments around the world. 

Until we tell these f#kers to f##k off, all we are doing is accepting that it is MOOT.

F##k that.

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