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Here we go again: another wave of " pass the buck "  

So, a young parliamentary female staffer who has worked in several positions in high security Parliament House Canberra offices enters a ministerial office after working hours, unauthorised, with a male staffer after a night out. She is discovered by a security officer half naked in the ministerial office and she claimed that she had been raped. But she refused to call the Australian Federal Police and report the matter.

A couple of years later she goes public with her allegation accusing the male staffer of rape, noting that he was dismissed at the time for breaching security when reported.

But somehow it is the Prime Minister who is to blame for everything?


It appears that the left leaning media are unprofessional mud throwers happily assisting the morally bankrupt opposition to try and score low level points.

However, in my opinion, the Prime Minister was foolish to mention a discussion with his wife about how he would want the matter dealt with if the female was one of his daughters. Fair enough private conversation, but a silly public comment to make, asking for ridicule.


It was nothing to do with the Prime Minister. Parliament House security is Protective Services responsibility; misbehaviour of a staffer is office management.

Remember the 2019 Bushfire Season?

State Government responsibility, State Emergency Services (NSW) including Rural Fire Service and Air Wing.


The acting Prime Minister was on duty, which is normal procedure when a Prime Minister is on leave and the Acting Prime Minister, along with the Minister for Defence,  deployed Australian Defence Force personnel and assets as requested by the NSW and VIC governments, while the Prime Minister was away.

But all of a sudden it was Morrison's fault. How dare he be away in a crisis, ignore the chain of command and those really responsible?

Ask yourselves. Whose fault is it really?

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